Acupuncture for headaches

Acupuncture is a component of the Chinese traditional medicine. It consists of inserting very thin needles in the points of pressure of the body. You have much more information on acupuncture, its benefits and applications at the end of this article. But now we are going to concentrate in the treatment of the headache and the microphones.

The investigation and the opinion of the medical community on acupuncture are mixed. Some studies indicate that €œfalse€ acupuncture (also called simulated) works equal of good that real acupuncture. Other studies affirm that acupuncture can give lightening to the people who undergo chronic headache. The World health organization (the WHO) has endorsed acupuncture as a promising treatment for the pain from 1979.

How acupuncture works for headaches

Acupuncture looks for to recover the flow of positive energy through your body. In addition, according to the people who practice it eliminates the negative energy that is causing pain to him to the patient. From a modern medical perspective, acupuncture stimulates several systems of the body that can trigger a treatment answer.

How acupuncture in the treatment of the microphone is used

Acupuncture divides to its body in a series of zones and points of pressure. The acupuncture needles are inserted in different points from pressure, following their symptoms. These ends of needle usually are near the nerves of the body. The needle stimulates the nerves so that they release hormones, as the endorfinas, that trigger an answer of the body. This stimulation of the circulatory immune system and is what the defenders of acupuncture affirm that alleviates to the microphones and the tension headaches.

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Autotratamiento simulating acupuncture to relax to you

In order to fight the headache and stress, the acupressure can be applied in the temples, these are located to the sides of the head, at the level of the eyebrows, is due to press smoothly and to massage them simultaneously, in the sense in opposition to the needles of the clock. Between the point of contact of the little finger and the wrist, it applies to constant pressure during about 30 seconds, realises this same pressure in both wrists.

Another option is to cerar the fist with the left hand with the thumb on the forefinger you would manage to relax totally, eliminating stress and in addition you will reduce the headache. It turns out excellent to mention that one is due to just apply pressure where the thumb and the index is, superficially and to the left. Once again it applies the pressure during 30 seconds and repeats the same process with the other hand.

If it realises pressure in the zone that is between the big toe of the foot and the second finger, it will be able to stimulate his feet and to alleviate to the headache this, using the thumb and to press in the part superior during 30 a second or minute. Another recommendation is, if it places the forefingers in the base of the skull and one inch separates them towards the sides until feeling the depression in that area of the body, applying pressure and massaging smoothly, will manage to alleviate to headaches and symptoms of colds.

Risks and contraindications of acupuncture for the treatment of the headache

Acupuncture in itself entails little risk when it is realised by an authorized professional. Sometimes we can find points with moraduras and the fatigue and the pain can be the immediate consequences after a acupuncture consultation, especially if it is the first time.

According to the National Centers of Complementary and Integrative Health, acupuncture that is realised with deficient or dirty equipment can represent a very serious risk for the health. The acupuncture needles are regulated by the Food Administration and Medecines of the United States and assume that they are one-time. In other countries a similar control would have to exist.

It is fundamental to find a professional of acupuncture with which you feel comfortable, if it is not thus, is better not to continue with the session. You are not scared to make questions on the treatment, its foundations and why it does what does. A good acupunturista will guide to you through procedure and it will make sure that it is a calm and safe experience for you.

Acupuncture by itself could not be sufficient to treat the chronic headache. The microphones, the tension headaches and the migraines in buds that affect their daily life must by all means be treated with analgesic and under medical supervision. Acupuncture can coexist perfectly with another type of treatments and before any doubt, it consults with your doctor.

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