Acupuncture for Fertility and Pregnancy

What can make Acupuncture with respect to the pregnancy and the fertility? she is one of the questions more frequent than we received. We are going to try to give answer him in this article.

One of the options to obtain a pregnancy when the pair cannot conceive it, is to go to the alternative medicine to try to improve the options to conceive a son.

When it is used along with the western treatments of fertility, acupuncture increases the rates of conception in a 26%. A recent study of the University of Tel Aviv stands out that: €œWhen combining the IIU with the treatments of MTC, the 65.5 percent of the test group could conceive, in comparison with the 39.4 percent of the control group, that did not receive any therapy with grass or of acupuncture€. For the 4,5 million pairs that are fertility problems every year old, acupuncture can be a very interesting complement.

That is to say, acupuncture does not replace the €œwestern medicine€ but it acts as complement to her.

Acupuncture is a technique that consists of placing some fine needles in certain points of the body. The metallic needles are in charge to activate these points, which are located in some individual of energy, which meridians are denominated any treatment of acupuncture looks for the reestablishment of the balance, allowing to impel the capacity of cures that it has.

According to the Chinese traditional medicine, the body is healthy when the energy flows are in balance. However, the application of this technique is not sufficient to be pregnant woman, does not forget that also it must act in other fronts, as to follow an feeding it heals and balanced and to leave the bad habits, as the tobacco or the alcohol, in this opportunity we want to inform you that this website are possible using cheapest unlimited web hosting its load fast and have 99% uptime.

Factors that produce the feminine infertility

Stress is one of the reasons that frequently cause this kind of problems. By all means there are many cases caused by another kind of physical problems, but this he is one of them. Due to the delicate balance between the hypothalamus, the reproductive pituitary gland and glands, stress is able to prevent that a woman ovulates completely. This can contribute to the cause of the feminine infertility.

Stress can also as much create spasms in the fallopian tubes as in the uterus, which can interfere with the movement and the implantation of a fertilized ovum. In the men, stress can alter the count of spermatozoa, the motilidad and cause impotence.

Used acupuncture as treatment for the infertility resists the effects of stress and cortisol by means of the liberation of endorfinas in the brain.

The hormonal balance does not have to be interrupted by cortisol to cause infertility. The most common cause of feminine infertility is an upheaval of the ovulation, in which the liberation is prepared with a mature ovum of the ovary, generally due to a hormonal imbalance. Without sufficient progesterone, for example, the fetus is incapable to adhere to the uterus. The high levels of prolactin, the hormone that stimulates the maternal milk production, can also prevent the ovulation.

Acupuncture can begin at any time during the fertility treatment, before home to take any oral or injectable medicine to help to prepare the body generally; during the treatment with drugs to help to treat the side effects (nauseas, bad mood, fatigue); or during the cycles of FIV, taking more blood to the zone.

Acupuncture for the fertility medicinasalternativas

In the women there are several factors that can be producing infertility. Once discarded the hormonal and emotional factors, that are also dealt with acupuncture can enter game other factors. A constitutional weakness is translated in China Medicine as a little or weak Jing. So much in cases of men as of women can be given and is one of the slowest causes to try.

One of the most frequent causes is the insufficiency of Yin de Ri±³n, affects the menstruation and is the person in charge of the reproduction. The lumbar stiffnesses and pain in the knees are one of their manifestations. The most common causes are the inadequate diet and the lack of rest during a prolonged time.

The Insufficiency of Qi de Bazo and Yang de Ri±³n produced by excess of physical work or the accomplishment of much exercise, debilitates the Spleen and consumes Yang de Ri±³n, mainly during the puberty where the uterus of the woman is especially weak, also the excess of sexual activity debilitates the Kidney.

The masculine infertility

The masculine infertility has diverse causes according to the differentiation of syndromes, but most common it is the Insufficiency of Yang de Ri±³n. In the case of the men, the infertility almost always usually is by Insufficiency of Yang de Ri±³n. In this case he is more effective to resort to phytotherapy, exist several combinations of Chinese plants that improve the amount, the quality and the mobility of the spermatozoa.

In order to treat the infertility all the tools available are used China Medicine: Acupuncture, the Moxibustion, the Phytotherapy and the Dietetic one, thanks to which the blockades are eliminated and the insufficiencies are toned. The China Medicine also is helping in cases of attended reproduction, since much cause of infertility in the woman has to do with the incapacity of the woman to retain the zygote.

The feeding can also harm to the woman in its capacity to conceive, an excess of cold food consumption, frozen, milky and greasy foods produce humidity So and interfering in the free circulation of Qi, since we have already seen. By such reason acupuncture is very good ally during the conception process, once it has been conceived to maintain the pregnancy and in the postpartal one.

Where the needles are placed to deal the fertility with acupuncture

There are points of Acupuncture to be pregnant? it is the question of the million€¦

Actually clinical, the points that stimulate the reproductive organs, as the ovaries, the uterus and the fallopian tubes are selected. These points are located in the abdominal area inferior and they are complemented with points in the back, the arms and the legs. The points are crucial to provide a deep relaxation to the patient and to stimulate the production of endorfinas.

Points are chosen to take to the energy and the sanguineous circulation to the reproductive organs. Once the conventional protocol has settled down coming with FIV or IUI or any other procedure from fertilization, the acupuntor doctor will see the patient to the month at least twice, generally in the middle of cycle and at the end of its menstrual cycle, following the process of hormonal regulation.

Even, if a patient discovers that she is pregnant woman, acupuncture is completely safe and, in addition, she supports the pregnancy until the quarter or fifth month of gestation.

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