Acupuncture for the Anxiety

As Acupuncture Works To try the Anxiety is one of the applications that more doubts provoke between our hearing and for that reason, in this article we want to give answer to your doubts.

So that you become an idea, more than 40 million adults in the United States they have anxiety symptoms that often affect the daily life to the personnel and the professional. Often it is dealt with psycotherapy, medecines or a combination of both.

Acupuncture turns out to be very useful for anxiety problems, more specifically to solve problems of feeding (as anorexy, bulimia nervosa or obesity) and also in the treatments to stop smoking, in which the psychological part has a great weight.

By means of the application of acupuncture the patient finds support and relaxation. The needles act in the nervous state by which the patients resort to the addiction or the self-destruction, helping to that they are autorregulen.

It is important to mention that acupuncture is adjacent to the medical treatment that must be followed, or in the example of the thinning diets, it is a collaboration to diminish the anxiety to consume some food, but the treatment does not become thin by itself.

This technique turns out to be a quite intelligent option, since the method to cure this type of ailments is through drugs, chemical substances that cause to imbalance or some addiction to the individual.

Studies and science on applying acupuncture to fight the anxiety

Several studies exist on the effects of acupuncture in the anxiety. These studies have concentrated mainly in the anxiety disorder and give to understand that acupuncture is useful to treat the general anxiety.

A promising study of 2015, for example, found that acupuncture improved the symptoms in people with anxiety who did not respond to other treatments, including psycotherapy and medecines. The participants received ten sessions of acupuncture of 30 minutes in the course of 12 weeks. They underwent a significant reduction of his anxiety, even 10 weeks after the treatment.

Nevertheless, two revisions of existing investigations, one of 2007 and another one of 2013, indicate that many studies on the subject are not very trustworthy. Some had very few participants €“ including the mentioned one previously €“ whereas others badly were designed. On the other hand, these €œreviews€ also indicate that acupuncture does not seem to have a negative effect on the anxiety.

In a more recent study of 2016 on rats, one was that acupuncture is effective to reduce the anxiety. The investigators suggested affects the form in which the body triggers the answer to fight or to flee.

Although we needed to understand better how acupuncture affects the anxiety, the panic attacks and the phobias, the investigation is demonstrating that acupuncture is a viable and safe option. If you have anxiety that has not responded to other methods of treatment, or simply you are interested in proving something new, acupuncture is not going to make worse your symptoms and nevertheless it can help you to improve.

Several studies realised as much in animal as in humans show that €œthe acupuncture needles have demonstrable physiological effects and can modify the neural operation that thinks that it is implied in€¦.the anxiety€, says Rosa N. Schnyer, a attending clinical professor of infirmary of the University of Texas in Austin that investigates acupuncture in the treatment of the depression, according to Health.

And so that you do not think that the effect placebos (€œI believe that it will work, therefore, it will work€) is the person in charge, cerebral Schnyer says that esc¡neres shows that acupuncture standardizes the signals that arrive at your limbic system, which controls the answer €œto fight or to escape€ of your body. The results of several clinical trials also show that acupuncture can be an effective form to control the anxiety, €œbut these results are still preliminary and more investigation is needed€, says Schnyer.

Also it is demonstrated that the feeding influences in the people with violent anxiety or syndromes enough. When fulfilling a treatment with acupuncture, combining it with breathing exercises and adding a well-balanced diet to him, the patients demonstrate a great satisfaction, this is consequence of which the power centers are harmonized, they balance, and the person megres with her surroundings in balance.

Risks of acupuncture for the anxiety

Although acupuncture will not make worse your state of anxiety, is important to know some possible side effects and risks this Eastern technique. By all means the first risk is to go to a bad professional for that reason assure to you that you put yourself into the hands of whom knows what it is doing.

The main side effect that the people experiment with acupuncture is the pain after a session. This disappears generally in a few hours, although also it can leave some moratones. Some people also feel pain punctures during a session but is not something frequents nor the pain degree usually he is high.

The acupunturistas with license must use sterile and disposable needles to avoid to contract an infection if your therapist did not use sterilized needles suitably.

Generally you must avoid acupuncture if:

  • You have a pacemaker
  • You have a haemorrhagic affection, as haemophilia.

Also it is important to combine medecines that have been able to you to prescribe your doctor, since acupuncture is a complementary medicine to the one of your doctor. You do not have to stop taking any medicine without before speaking with your doctor.

Conclusion of acupuncture to treat the anxiety

Acupuncture is an option of effective treatment and low risk for the anxiety. More investigations are being realised, than at the moment they are promising and at least, acupuncture for the anxiety would not have to make worse the symptoms.

It is important to assure to find a acupunturista to you properly enabled. Also it is important to follow the treatment for the anxiety of your doctor, as the therapy or medecines. Also it can use other alternative medicines and treatments, including relaxation, exercises and meditation to reduce stress and to improve your general well-being.

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