China acupuncture, That is and As It works

Acupuncture is part of the alternative medicine and a component key of the Chinese traditional medicine, where it was originated more ago than 2.500 years.  It is used regularly to alleviate the pain, for the treatment of an ample range of diseases, and to improve the quality of life.

The Chinese students discovered many aspects of biomedical science without the help of the technologies of the present scientific equipment.

One of the things that discovered in this sense was the effect of emotional stress in the immune system. This technique comes from the traditional medicine China, in which the energy of multiple points and meridians distributed in the body is unblocked to treat diverse the conditions.

Several types of acupuncture have been generated, this on account that it is a practice very extended, each cradle in the same principle, but with differences in the technique of diagnosis and the application of the same.  It is possible to be chosen to use acupuncture to improve his general well-being and as measurement of preventive health.

That it is acupuncture

Chinese acupuncture what is

She is well-known as a Chinese technique that, is based on the belief that the operation of the human organism depends on the energy flow that takes place throughout meridians in which are the denominated points of acupuncture, which they allow to modulate that flow of energy towards a specific part of the body, restoring the balance.

To place the needles in these points would allow to eliminate the pain, the tension, the anxiety and the states of nervous imbalance.

Nevertheless until recently trustworthy studies that supported the effectiveness of acupuncture, from the point of view of the western medicine did not exist.

It is understood by acupuncture to a set of old Chinese procedures, that are in charge to place on or in the skin by means of a variety of techniques, in the majority of the cases, thin metallic needles.

These needles are only placed penetrating the surface of the skin, and in the meridians that correspond in the body.

The acupuncture points are located by where they pass the meridians of the body, and are those that have more electrical conductivity. This also incorporates it the western one.

The stimulation of the acupuncture points, has become the studied mechanism more, since as it were shelp, manually uses the penetration of the skin or by electrical stimulation, all this by means of metallic needles.

How Acupuncture works

How acupuncture works

Acupuncture is in charge to stimulate strategic the anatomical points for the treatment of pathologies. This technique acts on the vital energy, a concept that the Chinese know as qi or chi.

The vital energy flows through the alive organisms and can be balanced and stimulated touching their specific axes, by such reason these axes play a role fundamental to relate the vital organs of the body.

According to it explains this alternative medicine, the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus has the responsibility in the body to release to neurotransmitters and endorfinas, natural substances of the body that work as a species of analgesic. This way, when we are suffering pain, when taking place the puncture of the needle in this zone, these substances are released and the pain is alleviated that we have.

These punctures also help to regulate serotonin of our body reason why it makes us be of the good humor and it raises to the spirit and humor to us, reason why also it is used as treatment for the depression and other derived upheavals.

Benefits of Acupuncture

  • The pain falls, it regulates the vegetative nervous system reason why it serves for chronic pains type arthritis or acute arthrosis, and pains as migraine, backaches, menstruation, fibromyalgias or pains caused by injuries, as tears or sprains.
  • It favors the circulation, reason why it can be effective in inflammations and varices, improves the healing of wounded and reduces the muscular oedemata.
  • Type asthma, chronic bronchitis or sinusitis improve the symptoms in respiratory problems
  • He releases of stress and the anxiety, because he obtains the balance in the energy of the body and help to the relaxation.
  • The anxiety avoids the insomnia when releasing and avoids the depressive processes since when the feeling less anguish you will confront better the problems.
  • It can help to diminish the syndrome of abstinence in drug addicts reason why it is used in chemical decontamination treatments also eliminates the menstrual pains, diminishes allergic reactions in the skin.
  • In the treatment of the cancer acupuncture is used to diminish the side effects that the x-ray or the chemotherapy produces as nauseas, vomits, dizziness. It activates the immune system and it does that the patient faces more forces his disease.
  • Acupuncture tries to balance the energy of your body, that often is canalized of erroneous way by your way of life, your habits or your feeding. It does not interfere in the habitual treatments given by the doctors.
Points of acupuncture

Points and Meridians of Acupuncture

The meridians (Jing-Luo) of acupuncture simultaneously conform an old and modern network, that it tries to describe the physiological operation of the man. Indeed it is an old network due to the data of his primary elaboration, because the NeiJing dates, at least, from modern year 100 a.C and in conception, since the study of the networks is something relatively recent.

The field of the complementary medicine and, especially, of the Asian traditional medicine makes extensive use of these concepts.

In addition, it does not have to remain section than it constitutes one of the main paradigms of the modern scientific research used to study the complex systems, the theory of networks.

The study of the theory of networks is a modern phenomenon and has known a fast increase in recent years, but it is not until the discovery of the denominated effects of small world and the free property of scale.

In the previous thing described the interest arises to study originating networks of the scopes biological, social and technological. From a strictly mathematical point of view, the network of meridians and points of acupuncture are a complex space hypergraph.

Also the network at issue belongs to the space or geographic type, because the position of the nodes (points of acupuncture and organs) and the distances between these is excellent for the evolution and operation of the network, as it is it for the neural networks.

The 12 dazzling points

Meridian of the Lung (p) to tackle respiratory problems or by gastric disorders.

Meridian of Intestino Grueso (IG): One is used when constipation appears.

Meridian of the Stomach (e): for stomach buccal problems and the evils.

Meridian of Spleen-Pancreas (BP): for menstrual problems and when the digestion is insufficient.

Meridian of the Heart (c): for cardiac problems of all type

The Meridian (YOU GO): for problems of eyelid swelling, as also upheaval in the kidneys and urinary infections.

Meridian of the Bladder (v) for epilepsy problems and nervous hyperactivity.

Meridian of the Kidney (r): for lumbar pains, of pain or square dryness of gargantay of anxiety and depression.

Dazzling Circulation and Sexualidad (CS), to treat the fever since it reduces it, correct emotional problems and of anxiety.

Meridian (TC): for ailments in the arms, infections of ear and throat.

Meridian (VB) used to solve problems insomnia and problems of microphones, acute and chronic sinusitis, as well as lumbar problems and of sciatic.

Meridian (h): For problems of vertigo sensation.

Types of acupuncture

True acupuncture is somatic, that is to say the one that uses the points of the body, but also exist other systems that use the insertion of needles in places is to them as the ears (Auriculopuntura), the hands (Manopuntura) or the feet (Podopuntura).

Although these last ones for a Acupuntor do not constitute true acupuncture, if that has demonstrated to their effectiveness in diverse ailments and diseases. The ideal is to combine some of these methods as helping of Corporal Acupuncture, since power therefore the effectiveness and rapidity of the treatment.

 - Acupuncture with needles versus acupuncture with the hands. 

Acupuncture with needles has turned out to be the oldest method and more used, in which the needles, are applied in the dazzling points of the patient according to the evil that afflicts it, this practical one is totally relaxing.

The Manopuntura or acupuncture of the hand is well-known as a specialty of the system of traditional acupuncture. Socially this technique knows as natural therapy or alternative therapy, the patient does not undergo no type of pain nor slight malaise, in fact quite the opposite.

- Auricular acupuncture

Auricular acupuncture

It is a technique that uses the reflection that the auricle has the central nervous system mainly. Auricular acupuncture is used as method of treatment for all the physical and psychological problems, having as it bases the direct hit on the brain and through this on all the body.

Auricular acupuncture, is in charge in sequence to put the functions of the body as a whole, these functions are you interrelate and if there is an upheaval that alters this relation, the disease is possible to be stabilized in this case, with the help of auricular acupuncture that will recover the well-being and the health of the patient.

- Korean acupuncture in the hands, or Manopuntura.

Korean acupuncture of the hands

In this acupuncture also the located power points in the hands are used, that correspond with the organs of the body. Acupuncture is a millenarian therapy that consists of trying, with digitopresion, moxa or needles, some certain points in the body, which are located in some energy channels, dazzling calls. This therapy is based on the combination of the energiesYin-Yang, and in its balance.

The positioning of needles in the points or meridians is based on the liberation of endorfinas that help to diminish the pain, to fortify the immune system, to reduce the inflammations and to help the body to fight infections that can get to appear. In the human body there are 364 points of energy located in the classic or main denominated channels, but in the last fifty years are shortage extra points, that surpass the 100 and they are used for multiple processes.

Korean acupuncture reduces to the pain states, this one is applied of very easy form, as long as that realises the treatment is a professional. It is advised to people who suffer chronic diseases of type and they are not responding to the traditional treatments, since she is not painful because she consists of a small puncture. Lately its application has been put fashionable to stop smoking or for the loss of weight.

Operation of the Korean Manopuntura

The manopuntura is a medicine energetics, individualized and universal. This forms on the principles of the Eastern philosophy. The art of the manopuntura is a visible testimony of which the hand is a plane of the human body on reduced scale. This science is based on the same classic Eastern theory in its therapy of treatment, although an improved effect is obtained in the hand.

The theory of the Eastern medicine says that the disease can have several causes; External (by outside): type of work, climate or atmospheric conditions (cold, heat, wind) location geographic, Internal (on the inside): emotions, and Neither internal nor external (nor on the inside, nor by outside): feeding and breathing.

Why it serves the manopuntura

The manopuntura, like acupuncture, can be used for practically all the pathologies. Being more effective in those cases in which organic injury, that is to say, pathologies of the functional type does not exist. In the cases in which an organic injury exists, always it will be able to alleviate, to even get to stop the pain.

Some of the evils treatable with the manopuntura are;  Dolores you will articulate and muscular, inespec­ficos stress and Anxiety, symptoms, cervical pains, vertigo and dorsal and lumbar, sciatic tears, pains, digestive hypertension, alterations: constipation, irritable colon, migraines and migraines, dysmenorrheas (pains rule), baby colics, to turn the fetus before the birth, between many more.

- Japanese acupuncture.

She is similar to China but subtler, thinner needles are used and the stimulation is smaller. He is ideal for that they begin in this treatment and they have fear to the needles, within Japanese acupuncture is the therapy of meridians.

The Therapy of Meridians, concentrates particularly in the classic theory of the 5 Movements or phases, as it is described in the Nanjing. One looks for to recover the health and to promote the global vitality affecting the regulation of the 12 Prime meridians, considering the different laws that regulate their dynamics according to the theory of the 5 Movements. From this type of acupuncture a called system of acupuncture Toyohari arises.

Characteristics of the Toyohari (Therapy of Eastern needle)

The therapy of Eastern needle is characterized by well defined subtle techniques and of the handling of the needle without introduction (teishin), techniques that practically do not produce any type of pain. To use metal needles different (gold, silver, etc.) taking advantage of the characteristic energetics of each them, puts the emphasis in the direct bonding with the Qi and the precise location of the points of acupuncture called alive points in contrast to points only located through anatomical references.

It puts the effort in simplifying to the theoretical corpus in favor of a greater pragmatism and effectiveness, mainly determines the diagnosis through the palpation of the radial pulse, information that is resisted and complemented with the data collected by means of the abdominal palpation, the palpation of the route of the meridians in the surface of the body, the observation and the clinical interview, gives an essential priority to the determination of the primary standard of imbalance and to the treatment of this one

Everything with the purpose of to harness the global vitality and the autocurativos resources of the person and, of secondary form to the treatment of the symptoms that presents the person. When regulating the power imbalances improve the symptoms, this is because they put emphasis in the precise and careful regulation of the therapeutic dose for each person and condition, avoiding malaises post-cure due to overdose in the treatment or unnecessary curative crises.

- Electroacupuntura

It is a acupuncture form where it is made pass a small electrical current between the needles. It uses an instrument that is in charge to apply it on pairs of needles located in acupuncture points, meridians or other zones of the body. It turns out excellent to stress that the electroacupuntura is not painful.

A lifted percentage of patients affirms that more to a tickle feels, since the intensity of the stimulus can be graduated and be adapted to the tolerance of the patient with greater fineness than with the stimulation manual.

How the Electroacupuntura works

The electroacupuntura is in charge to dissolve the stagnation and restores the free flow of Qi. According to the frequency of the width of pulse, of the voltage and the form of the wave one knows that different biological effects can be obtained on the vascular system, the muscular system or the nervous system.

Some will have a more powerful effect on the vascular system, others less; some produce more muscular contraction, whereas others bring about muscular relaxation, etc. In that point an electrical current is introduced, and therefore a €œenergy€ that it will reach the starting point. This technique allows to make a dispersion or a tonificaci³n of the static energy, based on the previous diagnosis of Fullness or emptiness.

- Acupuncture with laser.

The ray red visible laser, generally radiates of helium and gases of neon and warms up the acupuncture point. Normally during the acupuncture procedure laser, the doctor maintains the ray on a acupuncture point during a period that can extend from ten seconds to two minutes. The duration of the ray generally depends on the amount of weave that the laser must penetrate and the intensity that the acupunturista considers that it must be applied in a certain point.

Sometimes it is possible that a doctor must use invisible rays infrared. Acupuncture Laser is used mainly to serve in two intentions: an anesthetic effect and the stimulation of the points of acupuncture in the therapeutic program. The procedure has some advantages on the method of traditional needle and the electro-stimulation in the acupuncture points.

Many patients who are afrhelp to the needles or that cannot receive electrical unloadings as the children and people with pacemaker, prefer acupuncture laser. The use of a laser causes that generally it is an aseptic and noninvasive procedure, which significantly reduces to the pain and the associated recovery time to the invasive treatments. Generally, acupuncture laser can deal with the same range ailments that the traditional one.

- Veterinary acupuncture

Veterinary acupuncture

The application of acupuncture in pets and wild has been gaining popularity in Spain and Europe. Since then, their studies have been including in the veterinary medicine race and train specialized professionals.

Veterinary acupuncture acts under the same principles that the human one. It consists basically of the stimulation of certain points of the body so they use tiny needles that they have near two millimeters of diameter.

Acupuncture usually is very effective for upheavals of conduct and behavior. But it is fundamental to understand that neither it nor the drugs replace the correct education and the early socialization of its mascot.

Why it serves acupuncture specifically

As or we mentioned, acupuncture is used for regulating the flows of energy (Qi) of the body, by means of the stimulation with needles or even by means of pressure, of the acupuncture points that there is distributed throughout the meridians that cross the body, as much of animal as of people. To be more specific It alleviates the pain (migraines, cervialgias, pain tooth knees, face, lumbar, post-operative, of menstrual back, pains, among others)

To be more specific acupuncture serves to treat the depression and other psychological upheavals, to treat primary hypotension and essential hypertension., to alleviate to the sensation of nauseas and vomit, very useful when it is taken place by nauseas of the pregnancy, to reclaim of injuries as the elbow of tennis player or a sprain, to treat the hay fever, to treat the adverse reactions that take place when being put under x-ray or chemotherapy.

 Other therapeutic aspects of this technique are their use to correct the bad position of the fetus and to induce to the childbirth, also to deal with cases reumatoide arthritis, to deal with the inflammation weaves, as in the periatritis of the shoulder, to increase the number of leukocytes in cases of leukopenia, and cases of acute epigastralgia, ulcers, gastritis, gastric spasm.

Video on As Acupuncture Works

Also you can here see that it is used to treat different pathologies such as:

Acupuncture To lower of weight (to become thin).

Acupuncture for the Anxiety.

Acupuncture To stop smoking.

Acupuncture for Headache.

Acupuncture for Fertility and Pregnancy.

Aesthetic acupuncture.

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