Acupuncture To stop Smoking

In this section we spoke of the benefits of acupuncture to stop smoking. We will see how it helps you and what benefits present for the people who want to leave the tobacco.

If you are one of them, you do not lose this article.

The first that we can say under our experience and after to have reviewed numerous studies and real cases of people that are used different alternative therapies to leave of smoke that some does not exist method so at least that guarantees the effectiveness to overcome denominated craving or syndrome of abstinence, nor the treatments with patches or chewing-gum that contribute the nicotine necessary to overcome it.

In the case of acupuncture to leave the tobacco, one occurs to understand that the will is again the key of the success, although is no studies that demonstrate their effectiveness at the time of leaving the habit to smoke.

The main effect of acupuncture is, to generate the indifference of the patient towards the tobacco or, which comes to be the same, that solves the abstinence syndrome. In order to fulfill this treatment the needles they are due to incorporate in different points from the ear. One of them, is the denominated one shen, this one is not connected with no concrete part of the organism, although the rest is related to the kidneys, the lungs and the appetite.

The people who practice this technique to move away of the evil generated by the tobacco affirm that the success is obtained in the 80-90% of the patients. But the certain thing is that some studies seem to demonstrate especially that far from it is not so elevated, because the abstinence syndrome reappears throughout the first six later weeks to the treatment.

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