Legal warning

Objective of this webpage

  • To provide more concretely to the visitor contained and information related to the world of the feeding, what we considered because they are products with properties that go further on that those of a food of daily consumption.
  • To manage and to moderate the commentaries that the visitors carry out in this Web.
  • To manage its network of affiliates and advertising advertisers.

Use of this webpage

  • As user of, you commit yourself not to realise no conduct that could damage the image, the interests and the rights of As well as not to conduct battles that prevent the other users to use of normal and safe way.
  • cannot guarantee the total absence of virus or e any element that can alter to the normal operation of the computer science equipment through which the users accede to the Web, or the content of the archives stored in these equipment. In any case, guarantees that it adopts all the safety measures to his reach to obtain it.
  • Final it is prohibited to publish any content that considers illegal, offensive, abusive, threatening or that can cause any type of damage, as much to the portal as to its readers. For it, reserves the right to eliminate or to modify the contents and commentaries of the visitors who are considered opportune.
  • Final it is prohibited to use the Web with any illicit aim, or to make any use of the Web that can prevent on-speed operation of the same.
  • Final it is prohibited to reproduce, to distribute or to modify of total or partial way any content of this Web without express permission of its legal person in charge.
  • Final it is prohibited to use the contents of this Web with commercial or advertising aims without express permission of its legal person in charge.

Obligations of the users of this Web

  • As user of this website, you know and accept the arranged thing in this legal warning. The user is forced to use the website in the indicated legal terms in this legal warning.

Policy of protection of data and confidentiality

  • guarantees the confidentiality of the personal character data facilitated by the users. guarantees the adoption of all the safety measures that the law requires to protect the data of its visitors. also guarantees that these data are used and they treat according to the effective laws.
  • is committed to use the data of its visitors according to the purpose of the same as well as fulfilling the legal obligation to store them and to adopt all the safety measures necessary to avoid its modification, deviation or nonauthorized use, according to which it establishes Real Decreto 1720/2007 of 21 of December by that the Regulation of development of Statutory law 15/1999 of 13 of December is approved, of Protection of Personal Character data.
  • uses diverse methods to catch information of its visitors. always requests the previous consent of the users for the treatment of its data with the indicated aims. In spite of it, all user must right to revoke this consent granted previously.

As user of this Web, you can exert your ARCO rights

  • All user of this Web can exercise, with respect to the successfully obtained data, the recognized rights ARC in Statutory law 15/1999: rights of access, rights of rectification, rights of cancellation of data and rights of opposition. In order to exercise those rights, the user will have to send a request and signed digitally in writing, enclosing in addition photocopies of his national identity document, to the email address.

Leaf of Claims

  • The legal person in charge of this Web informs into which leaves of claim at the disposal of all users and visitors exist.
  • Any user of the Web can make a claim. For it, an e-mail must ask for the claim leaf sending to the direction. In that e-mail one is due to indicate the full name of the user who makes the claim, as well as the reasons for the same.

Rights of intellectual property

  • The intellectual property of the Web belongs exclusively to its legal person in charge.
  • Final it is prohibited to reproduce, to modify, to reuse or to spread by any method or mass media any element or content of this webpage, unless previous consent of its legal person in charge is had.
  • The user knows and accepts that the totality of the website and all the elements that conform it are protected by the registered rights of author and other legitimate rights, in agreement with the international treaties in which Spain is part and other rights of property and laws of Spain.
  • If a user or a third party considers that has violated of nondeliberate way his legitimate rights of intellectual property, due to the inclusion of a determined content in the Web, can warn of it sending an e-mail to In this e-mail, one will be due to indicate:
    • The personal data of the holder of the rights presumably infringed. In case necessary, specifically to indicate the representation with which it acts if the claim sends it a third party.
    • Which are the contents protected by the rights of intellectual property and their location in, as well as the legal accreditation of the rights that are considered infringed. Also the express declaration of responsibility on the part of interested with respect to the veracity and the exactitude of the facilitated information will be included in this notification.

About the external liaisons

  • In any page of connections to webpages or contents can be found property of third parties.
  • at no moment takes responsibility of the derived consequences that the user accedes through these connections to websites or contents property of third parties.
  • In any case, guarantees that the suitable safety measures are taken before including a connection in this Web to any property of third parties.

Resignation of responsibility and exemption of guarantees

  • The legal person in charge of does not guarantee nor accepts responsibility any by the damages of all nature that could be derived from anyone of the following facts:
    • The inactivity, lack of availability or incorrect operation of the webpage or of anyone of its contents.
    • The presence of virus, or software harmful in any content of the Web.
    • Any use of the illegal Web or in opposition to the arranged thing in this Legal Warning.
    • The lack of quality or veracity of the contents published by third parties in this website.
    • The content of this Web is merely informative and in no case it tries to replace the advice and treatments of a doctor, therefore, we do not have any responsibility in the form in which a user can apply the information published in this Web.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

  • The relations between with their users and visitors are put under, with general character, to the Spanish legislation and jurisdiction and the Courts of Navarre.

Form of contact

  • If a user has some doubt or wishes to clarify any point contemplated in this Legal Warning, he can send an e-mail to to resolve it.
  • informs into which the right is reserved to modify at any time and without needing previous warning, as much the aspect and the disposition of the contents of the Web, as the present document of Legal Warning.
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