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The main objective of this alternative medicine blog is to offer information to you of quality and resisted in different sources and our experience on health and well-being. The therapies of which we spoke, are faithful reflection of a life healthy and opened to live more near how they lived and they healed our ancestors by means of therapies near the nature, to an feeding it heals and more contact with the nature.

If you miss some therapy, or that you would like that we spoke of some other alternative medicine type or ancentral method of treatment in particular you do not doubt in writing to us. In we are arranged to turn us into the reference Web to the world of the treatment and traditional and natural medicine.

If you want to contact with us, or so that we add some natural therapy or for some commercial law action you do not doubt in sending a mail to us to

If you make some product that adjusts to this Web, because it is healthy, natural, saw, ecological or contributes important benefits for the health, contacts with us we are open to collaborations for our Web.

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