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Mexicanpharmacy-Onlinerx are a Web that arises from the experience of a group of anxious people, critics and very interested in the world of the medicine, the nutrition and the health, that we have been decided to spread to the benefits and contraindications of the alternative therapies, how they help us and when they are interesting to improve our health and physical and emotional well-being.

Medicinasalternativas.online is a Web of reference in the world of the traditional, alternative and Eastern medicine with a great amount of structured information, studies and resisted information to offer you alternative to the western medicine.


The objective of this Web is to create a community of people interested in this type of therapies, healthy life, more ecological and than somehow it foments a rate of more traditional life and when to cure the application of alternative medicines as complement to the western medicine that in many cases is essential. We are not against the western medicine, but we think that there are other ways to maintain to us healthy and are what we want to offer in our Web.

This page is based in addition to on our own experience on real studies and data, works and projects of doctors, universities, organizations and companies of recognized prestige that with their trajectory has formed and animated to numerous people to follow a healthy, natural and more ecological life, with the aim of improving the health and the well-being of the people.

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We hope that benefits than we have learned, but mainly that helps you to improve your health.

And it remembers, the objective of this blog is informative, at no moment no therapy as substitute is due to take from the advice of your doctor according to the information of this Web and for any problem of health, or ailment and always in case of doubt, consults with your doctor before proving any therapy that is mentioned in this page.

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