Medicine of the Mind. Benefits and types of therapy that help you

For hundreds and including thousands of years, one has shelp that the mind has the power to control to the body. With the height of the traditional medicine it has been increased the popularity of the therapies for the mind, being therefore an alternative to daily treatments for certain upheavals.

To have the control of our mind can be extremely beneficial to control the pain and is by which the majority of the techniques is based on the breathing and the control of our thoughts.

Nowadays you consider him to therapies of mind and body, medicine complementary, since multiple scientific studies have verified the analgesic powers that the application of these techniques generates and thanks to this, today are part of the popular culture.

Although in his majority, they are technical for the body and the mind (since they go together of the hand), today we will explain the two main therapies to you it mind and why to prove them he would be beneficial for your health.

What is and in what is based

As we commented to you previously, this technique is based on which the emotions and thoughts can regulate our physical health. One says that by means of the interconnected neurons and their systems, hormones and the immune system, our thoughts go towards the body and they manipulate it so that this is better.

The majority of these therapies is applied by means of the application of psychological, spiritual and social techniques; with the purpose of feeding the mind and that thus, their capacity to affect to the body is much greater.

These therapies can be used so much to come up as to cure diseases and it has been demonstrated to have very good effects in patients with insomnia, incontinence, diseases of the heart and migraines.

For being invasive therapies zero, the side effects are null and although many of the techniques used not yet have been considered effective, those that we will comment to you today comprise of the conventional medicine thanks to their effects healers.

the alternative mind and medicines


The hypnotherapy, as it is known him the therapy with hypnosis, is an alternative technique that practices for centuries as part of the western traditional medicine.

This therapy consists of taking to the patient until a level of deep relaxation, where their senses and their attention were become serious. In this state, the people can get to be idealized what the therapist indicates and due to the great attention that is handled, can be used for the control of the conduct.

Many of the patients who practice or have practiced the hypnotherapy, affirm that they feel incredibly relaxed when waking up. In people whose therapy was realised with the purpose of to stop smoking, they confirm that when leaving the hypnosis state they repudiate the cigarette and its scent.

The hypnosis is a merely mental therapy, where it is to cure or to improve net psychological symptoms; despite also it can be used in pathologies where the psychological factors have a great weight. Pathologies as:

  • Phobias
  • Asthma
  • Nervous arterial hypertension
  • Anxiety
  • Dolores of head
  • Gastrointestinal problems

Not yet the mechanism of action of the hypnosis understands for sure, is verified that has helped to multiple patients in the handling of the pain and commonly is used in sessions to promote the loss of weight or to stop smoking.

the mind and its benefits in alternative medicines


Also well-known as biorretroalimentaci³n or bioautorregulaci³n is a technique that is based on the totally conscious control of processes that in our day to day are realised of unconscious way.

One generally handles with the use of electronicses, this with the purpose of to measure and to inform to the patient and its conscious mind what it is happening in his body. This device will indicate the arterial pressure, muscular tension, etc.

In session, the therapist will give the guides you to understand why they are changing those functions within your body and that way, to train you to regulate them. This requires of much practice, concentration and discipline, reason why in one first session you will not be able to see results.

This therapy is used coverall in patients who suffer of chronic pain, as well as stress or the insomnia. Also its effectiveness for the treatment of as much faecal incontinence has been verified or urinary, since the mind has the capacity to direct to the body and to indicate what must to him and does not have do at the time.

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