Therapies energetics. Types and Benefits for your health

Our body contains energy, one that maintains all the system in perfect balance and harmony, that affirm to the medical instructors of the alternative medicine and the therapies energetics.

During centuries, the form has looked for €œto manipulate€ to the body so that this improves his state and basing us on the theory of a vital energy, from a few years for here, it has been treated plus the external energy or also call medicine energetics.

Multiple applications for the re-balancing of the energy exist, despite all have a same goal; to restore the correct flow of the vital energy, having as result the improvement of a set of diseases. This theory affirms that the diseases are an accumulation of energy, reason why to manipulate it so that it retakes his course, can be the solution to different symptoms.

Today we will explain to you which are the most popular therapies of the medicine energetics, so that it serves each and as it could help you in the treatment of your pathologies.

What is and in what is based

The medicine energetics or the therapies energies is practical that they are based on the application of energy to restore his natural flow. This technique is based on that the body owns a universal vital force, well-known as €œqi€ which is connected with each one of the cells. At the time of recovering its balance, a perfect harmony at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level will be created. The action of this application concentrates in reactivating the communication of the biocampos for thus, to restitute an electromagnetic flow between cells, allowing the improvement of multiple symptoms.

The physics has demonstrated that everything is made up of energy and that its flow is perfectly harmonic. With the routine, stress and the bad habits a imbalance of this energy, seeing itself reflected can be generated future as ailments, upheavals or diseases.

The techniques are not but that a channel so that the energy flows, nevertheless, the patient is the one that will be in charge to thus maintain and to transform its state due to the restoration of the even frequency, to generate a lasting balance and at integral level.


The energy can be handled by multiple techniques and with the infinite methods, most common and nevertheless more popular they are reiki or the magnet therapy. Here we will explain in detail each to you and we will tell you which are their benefits.


reiki and the alternative medicines

The Reiki was developed by Buddhist the Japanese Mikao Usui in 1922 and from that then it has been become popular anywhere in the world.

The term €œreiki€ means €œuniversal vital energy€ and under the philosophy of reiki, all being is able to give and to receive Reiki. The form to obtain this, is by means of the imposition of hands thus to send vital energy and to unblock the flow of energy in the patient.

Many people affirm that this technique is not used for anything because it is impossible to cure diseases with the hands, nevertheless the same technique indicates that the hands do not own an effect curative healer and, only have the potential to unblock the energy flow thus to activate the immune system and the car treatment in the body of the patient.

On the other hand, the medical instructors of reiki are based on which the corporal heat offers calm, serenity and a sensation of protection; therefore he is that when something hurts to us, immediately we touched the affected area and starting off of this theory, thinks that reiki is a therapy very indicated to improve ailments as migraines and help considerably to improve stress and the anxiety.

Qi gong or Chi kung

The literal translation of Chi kung is €œthe work of the breathing€ since this technique is based on the breathing and how causing that this goes according to each of our movements.

This therapy of Chinese origin is based, like reiki and the taich­, in which our body owns €œqi€ or vital energy, which flow through the meridians and their correct flow will allow the autosanaci³n.

The Chinese traditional medicine is based on obtaining I balance perfect between the mind and the body and this can be obtained by means of the control of the breathing and the thoughts. Starting off of this philosophy, the Qi gong helps to synchronize the body, the mind and the breathing.

Magnet therapy

The magnet therapy is a therapy that is based on the use of magnetic fields to generate changes in weaves of the body. These fields can make by means of the positioning of magnets or electrical coils.

This technique produces magnetic fields within the organism, everything by means of the placed electric fields externally. Those magnetic fields generate an increase in the circulation in the weave where they were applied, generating a reduction of the inflamed weave and with this pain.

In order to obtain the creation of the magnetic fields, the magnet therapy is realised with the help of coils by which electricity runs. The waves that cross these coils are received by the body of an indirect way, eliminating the necessity to apply electricity directly. By the subrogation action of the waves magnetic fields are created, which you can desinflamar and promote the treatment of fractures and injuries.


Therapy created by Mexican doctor Isaac Goiz, the bioelectromagnetism is a complementary technique where magnets are used with the purpose of to improve the state of the patient. The medical instructors of the bioelectromagnetism affirm that he can treat multiple pathologies and to even alleviate symptoms that go from tumors to a migraine.

At the moment it works around about 300 points on the body and in the sessions of approximately 1 hour, the body of the patient in search of defective zones is crossed. As it affirms Goiz, creator of this therapy, the diseases cause a change in the pH and with magnets it is possible to be generated a restoration, favoring therefore the elimination of pathogens.

Any person with some group of symptoms can attend a bioelectromagnetism session, nevertheless she is recommended to them to pregnant or patient women just with chemotherapy to hope a prudential time to be able to attend.


As we commented you at the home, the body is energy and if we know it to handle it can valerse to our benefit to have an optimal health. The therapies before mentioned offer incredible benefits to the patients and here we will mention some to you:

Relaxation: the majority of the therapies that work with external energy has as it also puts the relaxation of the body but of the mind and in sessions of reiki or Qi gong, you will be able to find a sensation of calm, tranquillity and peace, generating therefore an effect short healer to and medium term.

Desinflamaci³n: in therapies as the bioelectromagnetism or the magnet therapy moves magnetic fields able to generate a anti-inflammatory effect in affected weaves. Thanks to the increase of the sanguineous circulation, it is possible to be alleviated pains.

Traffic control: thanks to the fact that the energy can serve as vasodilator, to attend when it is necessary to magnet sessions or, spiritual as reiki, can help to that your circulation improves.

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