Diets and grass as alternative therapy. How they help you

All procedure that entails the use of grass, plants or some derivative can be considered medicine alternative. In this case we spoke of together diet and grass, since actually they go together of the hand.

The traditional medicine takes more than to 4 thousand years using grass and their oils for different techniques; the aromatherapy, massages with nutritious oils, etc. But are also used as a form of I supplement to help the patient to improve its lifestyle.

What we know nowadays as dietary supplements are facts to bases of grass, which counts on beneficial properties as a source of vitamins and minerals.

For being a subject little treated, can be gotten to have certain doubts of the effectiveness of the herbal medicine, but today we will explain to you what is and we will give some modalities you that exist nowadays in the market.

What is and in what consists the medicine with grass and plants

The herbal medicine or herbalist is a branch of the traditional alternative medicine, where all the practices are included that they require of the use of plants, branches or grass. Within this modality we included the word €œdiet€ for being the companion, in the majority of the cases, the herbal medicine.

This type of therapy consists of using the grass and their multiple medicinal or nutritional properties for the good of the patient. The medical instructors of this technique, affirm that an infinite amount of plants exists that own curative effects and that are much more effective that an over-the-counter drug.

Although the previous point can get to be certain, the medicine with diets and grass must be taken with care, because we are exposed to the risk of some side effect. Certain plants can interfere in the effect of other medecines or generate strange groups of symptoms, reason why he is recommendable to consult with a doctor before practicing anyone of these therapies.

The medicine herbalist is nowadays in which we found in pharmacy as dietary supplements. Also it we can little find in famous superfoods and a practice well-known but incredible call phytotherapy.

diets and grass in alternative medicines


Although the alternative medicine with plants has many subdivisions, today we will focus in three the main and more common therapies. Also we will explain to you why the superfoods are part of this technique and as general recommendation before putting in practice anyone of these, we recommended to you that you consult with your attending physician to avoid some type of side effect.


Before century XIX, that is to say in the prehistory, the people had as custom to pick up and to collect plants and branches with the purpose of to cure itself. These learnings were happening of generation in generation and with the appearance of the Chinese and Hindu traditional medicine it went exploding and knowing more the subject.

Nowadays phytotherapy is based on the treatment of diseases, ailments and malaises with vegetal species, or is grass or plants. This practice, although has influence of last centuries, has based its theory on tests that science has clarified, giving an answer to why those plants in specific are medicinal.

At present an indirect application as as much direct of the herbal medicine can be given. Or it is with the molecule extraction for the elaboration of a medicine or in its pure, merely well-known form as phytotherapy that practices with pulverized grass and plants or extracts of the same.

Dietary supplements

The dietary supplements are used as a source or contributes to extra of nutrients for a deficient diet in vitamins and minerals. The majority of the people uses it as a tool for the prevention of certain diseases or problems of health to future.

Nowadays they are possible to be found in multiple forms, or is pills, dusts or tablets, but all with the same aim to complement the feeding. Many of these are antirust, amino acids, enzymes or any other substance that the patient requires.

When we talked about to herbales dietary supplements, they are the elaborated ones with medical plants. If sometimes you have listened to speak of the ginkgo biloba or the equin¡cea, it will cheer healthful and recommendable knowledge much more to you that is synthesized natural compounds, doing it.

Perhaps you will ask yourself: can anyone take dietary supplements? And the answer is yes, any person who needs an extra vitamins and minerals; developing children, pregnant and adults of 50 years. The important thing is to consult with a doctor what I supplement you need, the amounts and to unite it with a balanced and well-balanced diet


superfoods in alternative medicines

The superfoods receive their name due to €œthe super€ characteristics that they own, making emphasize them over common foods. The majority of these is rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers and phytochemicals which act a medicine as in the body, fighting the free radicals, the oxidation and the premature aging of the cells.

The most popular superfoods nowadays are the quinoa and the seeds of ch­a, increases that have become part from the culture and which they are as much in multiple subjects of gossip by his flavor as by his nutritional contribution.

In their majority these €œsuper€ foods little are known, but other vegetables, vegetables and fruits as the spinach, the lemon and the bilberries exist that have been of all the life a superfood, which we can consider to more often include in our nutritional plan.

Benefits of an feeding heal and balanced

grass and diets alternative medicines

The gasoline is the key so that the motor works and if we want that it works correctly, must be of quality, equal happens to our body. The food is our source of vitamins and minerals, indispensable to be able to realise all the activities and due to its quality and what we consume, wrath of the hand our health.

Although the herbal medicine can represent a help (in the case of the dietary supplements) without a rich diet in nutrients, this will not provide effect reason why a balanced feeding is extremely indispensable.

They say that way that we are what we eat and if we considered to decide on an feeding much more balanced and heals, we will be witnesses of multiple benefits as:

Greater energy: the food heals is rich in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants which allows your body to free itself of all the toxins; causing that you feel like with greater energy and vitality.

Correctly nourished: nowadays he is very common supercharged but not to be sobrenourished, reason why the world-wide population is much more sickly. Taking a correct feeding, with fruits, vegetables and leaving to soda waters and fryings, our body will obtain the nutrients that needs for being able to work, generating therefore one improves considerable in our health.

To lower of weight: the obesity and the overweight have become a pandemic, attacking 1 of each 3 people, reason why to improve your diet of will help to lose weight but of a way it heals correctly, that is to say, nourishing to you.

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