Alternative therapies for the Body. Types and benefits

The alternative medicine offers multiple facets to obtain its effect in the patient; the body is one of them. For people with respiratory diseases or problems, the alternative medicine can make its appearance by means of manipulativas therapies, which will be in charge €œto deceive€ the body in search of improvement.

When we referred to body, mind goes of hand, because the philosophy of this branch of the medicine explains, that the mind controls to the body and by means of the manipulation of this, we can find an improvement in our health.

As part of the therapies based on the body, several exist, some very well-known, that you can put in practice to realise changes in your lifestyle and search one cures for certain pathologies.

In this article we will explain more to you to detail which are these manipulativas therapies and we will give some advice you so that you start up them.

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What is and of what it consists?

The medicine of the body talks about to a set of therapies that allow the regulation of the physical health, by means of psychological techniques, spiritual and social. One says that it fulfills his effect by means of neuronal connections, which allow that by means of the emotions and the mind, the body and with him relaxes, the ailments.

The main function of the manipulativas therapies is to come up and to conserve an optimal state of health, nevertheless, has been verified that in many occasions can get to cure very specific pathologies. The idea of this medicine is to increase the effect of the mind on the body for thus, to be able to manipulate it and to cause that it improves in multiple aspects.


The manipulativas therapies in relation to the body count by all means on many subdivisions and, with ample variants for different needs. Although we do not know it, many of the exercises promoted nowadays as yoga or reflexology, is part of the giant world of alternative medicines and a great option to improve the health.

Of all the types who exist, today we will mention main the six therapies to you. These gained the position, for being some of most known but also, of the most chosen by patients due to their effectiveness.


quiropráctica alternative medicines

Also well-known as quiropraxia is based on restoring the good relation between the spine and the nervous system. This practice, affirms that the key for an optimal health is to maintain a flow of constant energy between these, thus manipulating, woven or joints to arrive at this aim.

The method used by the chiropractors focuses mainly in the manipulation of the spine; this carries out it by means of techniques as the application of cold, heat or stimulation by electricity.

The experts in chiropractics who become attached themselves to the traditional medicine, create in which a column heals and or balanced, will recover the innate one or how we can call it, the flow of the energy of life. Due to this philosophy, its primary goal is to readjust the small and hypothetical misalignments in the vertebrae.

Although an adverse reaction has not been verified before this therapy, the recommended thing is to realise it with an expert to avoid possible twists, pains or problems to future that can make worse the condition that presents.

Tai Chi

taichi alternative medicines

If you have a small knowledge, or you have hatred to speak of Tai Chi will seem to you very strange why a martial art considers a manipulative therapy, but already you will see that it is not as rare as it seems.

Tai Chi or Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art practiced for centuries as an exercise but also as a medicine to improve so much at mental level as corporal. Due to the meditation and concentration that Tai Chi requires, many have adopted it as an alternative medicine with multiple benefits.

Tai Chi is sustaining in three main foundations:

  • Concentration
  • Breathing
  • Movement

What one looks for is to arrive at a perfect balance where these foundations, work and work of the possible most harmonic form. This gives as result incredible benefits in patients with cardiovascular problems, helping them to improve the flexibility, the balance and the force; inclusively it has been gotten to verify that it can delay the aging.


yoga alternative medicines

For the lovers of yoga, it is plus a lifestyle that an exercise or a therapy; they consider a route to take it a healthy lifestyle, allowing to the fortification of the mind and the spirit.

What the majority knows yoga they are asanas or the positions that allow the medical instructors, to relax and to meditate at the same time. These are used for thousands of years by the Hindu culture with the purpose of to purify the body, to improve the breathing and to establish a spiritual balance. Nowadays it is considered him as one of the therapies most enhancing for the spiritual and physical preparation.


osteopatía alternative medicines

The osteop¡tica medicine can consider a discipline, whose philosophy is based on which the body is a whole and works as a unit instead of to be a set of organs. Starting off of here, they derive a countless number from techniques noninvasive manuals, physiotherapy and treatments with the purpose of improving the cause of the pain more than to treat the center in himself, everything without the drug consumption.

What osteopathy looks for is to restore the general balance of the body at organic level, so that thus this car can be cured and be alleviated. It can be used as a route to be able to maintain the functions of our body in perfect state and thus to prevent the evils to futures related to the respiratory, lymphatic and cardiovascular system.

Although many scientists do not trust their total veracity, this created discipline and carried out by Andrew Taylor in the 74 ' nowadays he is recognized by the WHO (World health organization) as an alternative therapy for the lightening of the pain.


Reflexología alternative medicines

Reflexology works by means of the application of pressure in specific parts of the foot to improve some pain. Its theory is based on which an area of the foot, represents some system or organ of the body, reason why if it applies pressure or is massaged smoothly, this ailment can improve and to even disappear.

The medical instructors of reflexology affirm that the stimulation of these areas allows the energy passage, eliminated therefore the blockade that existed, whereas clause this blockade as the pain in himself. Many of the patients who have been you participate in a reflexology therapy, affirm that the relaxation is incredible and that in the case of the migraines, his effectiveness is practically immediate.


It is a therapy where ozone as main ingredient for the treatment of multiple pathologies is used. For being 100% natural one does not present side effects, as long as it takes to end correctly.

Their homes occur in World War I, where the scientist Werner von Siemens used ozone to eliminate bacteria and microorganisms. From that then, it has been increasing his popularity and over the years, demonstrated his effectiveness in different scenes.

It has been verified that can represent a anti-tumour function in the body, since it adds oxygen, enemy number 1 of the cancer cells. Also, one says that it helps the improvement of the circulation, since it promotes the elasticity of red blood cells.

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