China medicine. What is and how it benefits your Health

The first evidences of the Chinese medicine occur during the dynasty Shang (1770-1045 a.C.) and in the Song dynasty, it settled down as the first pharmaceutical system that managed to standardize the practice of the Chinese medicine. The origins are little clear, nevertheless it says that it comes for more than 2,000 years and until today it continues comprising of alternative and complementary medicines.

In 1975 the WHO recognized the benefits of the Chinese medicine for the treatment of different diseases and from 1979 to the present time, it is used as an alternative for respiratory problems and bacterial infections.

What is and why it serves the Chinese medicine

The MTC or Chinese traditional medicine bases its philosophy on which the diseases are consequence of an inadequate flow of the energy. This medicine has one signs belief of €œqi€ known as the vital force that maintains to the body in feet.

The practice of this therapy specializes in the reestablishment of the circulation of qi, using as method the forces opposed of yin and yang.

They exist multiple treatment within the MTC, nevertheless all focus in the same; to improve from inside outwards. Also, its approach is to prevent the diseases instead of to cure them or to treat them, looking for the desbalanceo or the excess of yin and yang that the patient presents.

Chinese medicine types

As we commented to you previously, the Chinese medicine has many applications and types. Each type of MTC is also used following the pathology that presents the person at issue, following the diagnosis that is sent at the time of the initial revision.

Within this technique they include a very ample alternative medicine set, which you will be able to see more detail in our Web. If you do not have long time to check to you very well which are the other alternative therapies, here we will give a small summary you of all the including within the MTC.

Chinese herbology (中药)

Adopted by the MTC, it is a term adopted by this therapy with grass that is used as main treatment of this alternative medicine.

This method is made up of different ingredients, many of origin animal or mineral, which are used in a well-balanced combination that allows to maximize the effects and to prevent some adverse reaction. These combinations have thousands of thousands of years within the medicine and nowadays it is continued scattering as part of the therapy.

This technique is one of the used modalities more within (MC) the Chinese medicine and its use is individual for each patient. The prescription consists of a €œcocktail€ of grass, which is adapted to the necessity of the person and their symptoms. The specialist is in charge to design a specific remedy for the disease. They are used generally between one or two main ingredients and are added there or cleared others to fit to formula to the differences of yin-Yang, heat-cold, etc.

He is indispensable that this class of remedies is carried out with a herbal expert in the Chinese and not with a fan, since often it is needed to manipulate foods to neutralize his toxicity or on the contrary as a catalyst. It remembers that the success of that therapy is the treatment of the patient as individual, so advises to you very well.

Tui Na

Derivative of the words tui that mean to push and na that means to take hold. It belongs to more than 80 techniques than they are used within the Chinese massage, which act on the power meridians and points.

The known ancestral massage as Tui Na or Tuina is based on the philosophy of the MTC; that qi is the vital energy and that its incorrect flow, causes diseases and you disorder. One says that it flows through fourteen channels that are known as dazzling and by means of the manipulation of these its circulation can be restored. The idea of this massage is to obtain a correct flow of qi, using constant movements and tonificantes pressures on the patient.

Very it is used for patients with respiratory problems and deficiencies in the circulatory system, nevertheless extremely are recommended for the treatment of muscles and bones. Incredible to treat arthritis and pains neck and back caused by sport injuries.

Dietetic Chinese

The Chinese culture is extremely superstitious when feeding it is. These create in the firm theory of the combination of foods, where its perfect balance can get to affect the psychic states and to even cause to well-being or malaise in the person. Following this concept, they also create in which all the flavors must be including in the plate, thus to maintain the balance of the organism.

The first that will realise dietista is a complete study of the person and her customs; what food type is those that are suitable as individual and also the measurement to you of these. By means of this study one will reach a conclusion from which they are his weakness and starting off of there, will choose the foods that tone and scatter the vital energy.

The proportions vary following the person and their condition but the general conditions is based on a 50% of cereals, 20% vegetables, 10% fruits and 10% vegetables and seeds. What reduces serious of origin animal, nevertheless the most recommended is the fish.

Chinese acupuncture

From 1979 acupuncture is recognized by the World health organization as an alternative therapy, being one of the most known and accepted as well by the conventional medicine.

This technique is handled by means of the stimulation of the meridians with the use of needles. These are placed in very specific points with the purpose of to re-balance the flow of qi. The acupuntor will determine, by means of a previous study, which are the deficiencies and where it is altered the flow thus to work that zone specifically.

He is extremely indispensable that takes control of an expert and who this fulfills all the hygiene and safety measures. This to prevent possible infections, transmission of diseases or side effects of a bad application.

Benefits of the Chinese traditional medicine

  • It improves the circulation: help to improve the inflammations and the healing of wounds.
  • It alleviates to stress and the anxiety: thanks to the reequilibraci³n of the body, the energy collaborates for a physical relation as as much mental.
  • It reduces the pain: it acts on the vegetative system nervous, causing that alleviates chronic pains as those arthritis, back or the fibromyalgia.
  • Help with the insomnia: it avoids the depressive processes and it releases to you of anxiety, therefore you will feel with less anguish, a point to favor when insomnia one is.

What diseases treat the Traditional Medicine China

As much the MTC as the conventional medicine supports the fact that there are no diseases, only ill and the philosophy of the Chinese medicine is divided here. This is in charge to treat patients and not only the pain, but the origin of this symptom or malaise.

If to have presence of group of symptoms or some disease in particular, the alternative medicines are very good to maintain a general well-being and many cases of worsening do not exist, even so, it has many pathologies for which are recommended:

  • Sequels of ACV
  • Epilepsy
  • Easy paralysis
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Vertigo of Meniere
  • Glossitis
  • Gingivitis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Constipation

These are only some of an extensive list that can be dealt with MTC. The majority of the diseases is of common knowledge and therapeutic treatment.

Contraindications of the Chinese medicine

The greater contraindication is related to the quality control. Many of these therapies are not regulated in Asia and this can cause problems in multiple areas. L

One has been that many of the grass are contaminated with heavy metals or mixed with drugs, especially corticoids and antibiotics. Also the application of reused needles.

By this he is indispensable that any procedure of these is carried out by a specialist; as much the massages as the prescription of plants and natural medecines.

If you suffer of some infectious pathology that requires of antibiotics or some pulmonary disease or of heart that considers emergency, the best thing is to soon decide on the conventional medicine for his treatment.

The Ayurveda we included it within the traditional alternative medicine category. In this category also you can find:

€“ Naturopat­a

€“ Homeopathy

€“ Acupuncture

€“ Reiki

€“ Ayurvedica medicine

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Frequent questions

What is the Chinese medicine?

The MTC or Chinese traditional medicine bases its philosophy on which the diseases are consequence of an inadequate flow of the energy. This medicine has one signs belief of €œqi€ known as the vital force that maintains to the body in feet€¦ To read more in

What diseases treat the Chinese medicine?

As much the MTC as the conventional medicine supports the fact that there are no diseases, only ill and the philosophy of the Chinese medicine is divided here. This is in charge to treat patients and not only the pain, but the origin of this symptom or malaise€¦ To read more in

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