Homeopathy. What is and which is its foundation

Homeopathy takes more than to two centuries generating controversy between the population. Some say that really they see results and other so many, generally farmaceutas and conventional doctors, affirm that he is not more than a placebo or a pseudoscience.

Its philosophy of which the resemblance cures the resemblance can be used in our daily life in many aspects but, it will be really certain in the scope of the medicine? Patients, therapists and medical instructors of homeopathy have shelp that if sees long term results and that their pathologies were solved.

Since this alternative therapy causes so much I toss around between the people, we will dedicate the article throughout to explain to you in detail what is homeopathy, its history and mechanism of action so that you verify by same you his effectiveness.

What is homeopathy and why it serves

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that is based on which the equal thing cures the equal thing. This therapy is based on administering to the patient the same pathogens that cause their disease but in extremely small amounts, this in order that the body is assimilating stops it in a end, to stop affecting it.

The homeopaths are in charge to administer and to prescribe medecines being based on books known as repertoires, which will indicate what is due to administer to the person. The prescriptions are very particular since it studies the medical history of the patient, its habits, lifestyle and its symptoms.

Due to this philosophy, many phamacists affirm that it can get to cause serious side effects in the people as allergic reactions or annoying groups of symptoms, but on the other hand, medecines own a minimum amount of the pathogen, that is what its effectiveness or side effects is based.

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Homeopathic medecines

Medecines or remedies that indicate the homeopathic medicine are the pillar of this practice. All the homeopathy is based on them and its particularitity made with the patient and his symptoms.

As we commented to you previously, these medecines are made with the medical history of the patient and the symptoms that presents, giving him in minimum doses, a pathogen that in its maximum amount causes the same symptoms that presents. Water or alcohol is made generally with to make the dilution and their ingredients come from vegetal origin or animal.

The process of elaboration of medecines entails a pair of steps: dilution or invigoration and we will explain to you here as this process takes to end.


The dilution is based on being lowering of progressive way the concentration of the substance. Following the liquid that is used for the dilution (water or alcohol) allows that so many times the process is repeated, more effective will be the result.

What it is obtained with this is to dilute it so many times that do not get to be perceivable, which is transformed in diluting what this diluted and so on. This allows that every time he is smaller the presence of the pathogen in the medicine and therefore, major effectiveness.


As well its name can explain, it consists of giving dynamism to the solution previously diluted. This is obtained by means of shaking strongly the dilution after to be ready.

The experts are very clear in that all world does not need the same medicine, because although basic prescriptions for pathologies already catalogued exist, the symptoms, lifestyle and habits of the patient influence considerably in its handling of the disease. Before consuming any homeopathic medicine type, he is necessary and indispensable to become an exhaustive medical control.

History and foundations

Homeopathy has its origin in 1800 with the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann, who stops the date affirmed fully that the medicine generated more suffering than well-being for the patient.

A day doctor Hahnemann was taking a crust infusion from cinchona, after that he felt really badly and he began to present symptoms very similar to those of the malaria. The peculiar thing is that this disease works (then) with rich crust of cinchona for being in quinine. When Hahnemann saw this, the idea that was happened to him the same can cure.

When Samuel realised this discovery, for the year of 1794 he stopped practicing conventional medicine and he began to elaborate a work, in which for the first time it appears the word homeopathy: Indications of the homeopathic medicine use actually ordinary.

The doctor had the belief that in great amounts, a substance could cause symptoms to you, but that in small and infinitesimal doses could go gradually eliminating each one of the ailments that the person presented. Starting off of this theory, we know nowadays what in homeopathy; with its same philosophy but by far but study.

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It works or it is placebo?

As the majority of alternative and complementary medicines, two sides exist on if it works or no. The medical instructors of these techniques are faithful in their belief, whereas the fans of the conventional medicine place it in judgment fabric.

Going us to the part that really can or no, to certify its effectiveness we have several studies. Due to all this controversy, several scientists have been able to demonstrate completely that the dilution of the substance is disappearing the long term symptoms, in many cases, eradicating it. it would already be possible here to be extracted that the theory of homeopathy is demonstrated.

On the other hand, there are studies that approve their use but of complementary way to common drugs, since they would make of effect placebo. The people who defend this theory say that the body can car be influenced and be deceived itself by the perception to be receiving treatment for its priest. This because a zone of the brain creates firmly that it will be cured, causing that the body stops feeling symptoms.

The medical instructors of homeopathy defend their effectiveness under the concept of which the water owns memory. This theory affirms that the water has the capacity to remember with as substances has been in touch and that way, to acquire some properties. This for farmaceutas and conventional doctors does not have much validity but already several institutions and specialists endorse it.


A report sent by the Ministry of Health of Spain notices that homeopathy for the treatment of pathologies is not due to use that can go of serious to serious; it did not prohibit his use nor it affirmed either that he is not effective, only that would not have to be used in serious situations. The WHO also says the same, since the treatment of the symptoms can be very extensive, a mortal situation in risk diseases.

Others affirm that it can be very dangerous for allergic people to certain components. Since many laboratories realise these medecines and they do not specify his concentration, in patients who have severe allergies as for example: (pollen, almonds, dust, etc€¦) it could cause a detrimental effect that in the long term it could make worse his symptoms.

Whatever case, which we recommended to you is that you go with a specialist. If it interests the alternative medicine, especially homeopathy, the best thing is to go with an expert in the matter so that it evaluates to you and if it does not convince absolutely to you, comments your attending physician to him how you could include homeopathy to complement the treatment.

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Frequent questions on homeopathy

What is homeopathy?

This therapy is based on administering to the patient the same pathogens that cause their disease but in extremely small amounts€¦ To read more in https://mexicanpharmacy-onlinerx.com

Benefits of homeopathy?

The medical instructors of homeopathy defend their effectiveness under the concept of which the water owns memory. €¦ To read more in https://mexicanpharmacy-onlinerx.com

What says the Ministry of Health on homeopathy?

A report sent by the Ministry of Health of Spain notices that homeopathy for the treatment of pathologies is not due to use that can go of serious to serious€¦ Reading more in https://mexicanpharmacy-onlinerx.com

Contraindications of homeopathy

It can be dangerous for allergic people to certain components but generally what it is created it is that there are few contraindications by this practice. To read more in https://mexicanpharmacy-onlinerx.com

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