Levels of Reiki. How to get to dominate this therapy

Levels of Reiki, As they are the Different Stages from the Reiki? if it interests the subject to you and how you can advance in your knowledge of this millenarian alternative therapy not you lose this article.

Reiki is a Japanese treatment, completely natural that is based on transmitting energy from a body to another one, looking for a physical, emotional and spiritual relaxation.  There are different levels from Reiki, and are a method that acts of direct form, in order to solve the problem that afflicts to the person.

By means of reiki, the energy is transmitted through the hands, this method is able to cure diseases.

It is not a treatment with side effects, in fact, the only result to obtain by means of this method of healing is the total happiness. It is not needed to be an expert to apply reiki in a person, with being careful it will be sufficient, and it is that by means of this method one looks for to release the energy catched in a zone of the body and to transmit it to the body generally.

It is an alternative method that can accompany the medical treatments very well which it can be put under.

The levels of reiki were known at first as, Shoden, Okuden, and Shinpiden, representing each, the welcome, the knowledge and the mystery, respectively, nevertheless at the moment, in the dedicated schools to implement this type of method, these levels are known as, level 1, 2 and 3, and have I decide to add one with the masters name, where it culminates the education of the treatment and is allowed to share the acquired knowledge.

At the moment the courses are many whose objective is to distribute the necessary knowledge about this so beneficial treatment for the soul. With them one looks for to wake up and to extend the existing power power in the people, and with this we talked about to the €œdawn€, which is an energy that it illuminates and it surrounds to each.

Levels of reiki to be able to reach the wisdom

Reiki Level 1

Level 1 or Shoden, was named thus by the teacher Usui, as first level of this method, is based on the education of the basic knowledge of reiki, from history to its objectives. It is the simplest level of this treatment, and although she is not very lasting his execution, it contains the information necessary to begin to apply reiki in people, animal and objects.

The Shoden, serves to find the zones of the body where the energy is catched and to send them to where it is necessary more, in addition spiritually allows the cleaning of the body and a purification that, between many things allows to connect with the energy reiki.

This the being the initiation level, can leave the apprentice very exhausted, since it would be using the self-energy of his body, to be sent it to another person. In this level chakras are aligned allowing that the energy circulates in the body with freedom and with ellootorgando a balance to him to its capacity of treatment.

Reiki Level 2

In order to execute this level, he is recommendable to know the indicated basic concepts in level 1, is a little more advanced, since it shows the symbols of the treatment and as transmitting the energy of the body to a considered distance, even, to do this, without needing having contact with the person.

This it is the indicated level to heal emotional problems, and annoyances as, stress, and microphone. The main symbols of reikison, Cho-ku-King, Shei-Have-Ki and Hon-Shah, being the symbol of the energy, the one of the emotions and the one of the time and space, respectively.

This a little more complete is a level than the previous one since it allows a deeper connection, with the force, the love and the existing light in the body.  It is used for €œwaking up the curative being who all we have€, and knowing a little plus the symbols that complement this treatment.

Reiki level 3

This level, although is not the last one of them, is one of most powerful, since it allows to even realise natural surgeries, here makes presence a new symbol, the Dai-Koo-Myo, that talks about to the wisdom. In this level reiki well is seen as a therapeutic treatment, with better results, in fact they are even handledthe meditations and what considered mysterious with respect to this method, it begins to be part of his day to day.

The 3 level or Shinpiden, serves so that the participants are even more united to the connection and transmission of energies, nevertheless all these energies are not positive, since in the body also negative energies exist that can interfere with the treatment.

Before initiating with the third level he is recommendable, to make a count of the learned thing in the previous levels, and the day of execution of the level to go most comfortable possible, with an open mind and list to correctly accept and to handle any experience that can be presented.

Reiki masters

The masters reiki being I complete level, it is only possible to arrive at him, if the previous levels have been completed, in this level or can transmit its knowledge reiki to a person or a group of people. In this level the Dai-Koo-Myo and a new symbol, Raku, although all work altogether, this one I complete have more presence than the rest of the symbols, being the symbol of the power and protection, that in addition means €œto live in the light€.

The masters of reiki, represents the peak of this therapeutic method, although always it has further on. To be considered a teacher of reiki, it must count on a spiritual and emotional maturity, that allows him to connect with those located forts energy in the body. In this level, the process of energy transmission is perfect. When completing this level, a true teacher of reiki, must have present the basic knowledge of this method, including buddhism and Taoism.

In addition to knowing all the secrets reiki, including the symbols of reiki Tibetan and traditional the Japanese, also to release correctly the energy in the people without causing some annoyance in itself, and even, as applying the treatment without using the symbols, including the part to transmit energy without having physical contact. Although by the experts, they must exist around 6 levels of reiki, at the moment only distribute the 4 levels before mentioned.

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