Reiki with Crystals and Stones

One of the frequent questions of the people who know what is reiki is how work does reiki with stones and crystals? in this article we give answer to this question. If it interests to you, it continues reading.

Reiki is not a treatment of hands, and only is that, in their application, stones and crystals have been used, since by means of these, it looks for to transmit and to release of a more efficient form the energy, and in addition in this way, to offer to the person a total relaxation.

With the use of crystals, when applying the Reiki method, is managed to release, to relax and to transmit the energies that abound in the body. In addition all are not used in any zone of the body, since each crystal owns a different energy.

Quartz crystals

The used quartz crystals in Reiki, are able to order and to increase the existing vibration in a person, they comprise of a healing transmitted through the hands and to the same time they protect the person. Before use the crystals are recommendable to clean them, must be bathed in saline water thus to be purified.

The uses that have these crystals, with them are multiple can be balanced the body and be created harmony in him, and are that these crystals or stones, working altogether with the symbols of reiki, offer favorable results.

He is erroneous to think that these precious stones, only must be used in the body, the certain thing is, that, they contain the properties necessary to even bridar balance and harmony in the homes.

Red crystals and oranges

The red crystals, as the ruby, very used to release the energies and search relaxation in many parts of the body, are one of the few that security offers. Well-known mainly as the crystal of the love, love by itself and by the universe.

In addition to his curative properties, it has the capacity to diminish the aggressiveness in a person. The red crystal family not only focuses in the rubythe garnet and the diamond also acquires protagonism in this point.

The color crystals orange as amber, are related to the emotions. In addition to have a amber, are synonymous of good luck, to have one in the pocket, from time to time, would not be bad, balance and allow a complete meditation, and to top it all, these stones move away everything what negative considers.

Green and celestial crystals

The green crystals, express prosperity, and among them it emphasizes emerald, being one very appraised, since it offers to balance and force to the body, in addition to transmitting a peace that, for is inexplicable much, can eliminate stress and is indicated to relive the flames of the love.

The crystals celestescomo, pertaining to the crystal family the aquamarine, are essential to alleviate respiratory problems, and allow to relax to an impulsive person.

Both crystals provide peace, calm and tranquilidaden any person, in addition it eliminates the tenciones and it around allows to be more communicative with the people his.

White and pink crystals

The white crystals comoel quartz, is one of crystals with more properties, excelling among them, its purity, and due to this very it is used in meditation therapiesallow a deep alignment with the universe.

You also enter its properties are the curative ones, and is that its power of healing is considered one of the best ones. It is a crystal that contributes light to the soul, is recommendable to have it in the home since it attracts harmony.

As well as the white quartz, in the same way exists the rose, it always lies down to be associated the pink color with emotions, and this will not be the exception, the pink quartzalleviates sentimental tensions and is able to eliminate the fears.

Black and violet crystals

The black stones, as obsidian, are a volcanic stone used by the shamans, are a precious crystal that transmits wealth and has an impressive power, to use it in patients can generate secondary results that harm the spiritual health of the person and is that, all the properties of this crystal are not positive, since many assure that it can diminish the hours of dream and with this to bring about fatigue.

The violet crystals as, the amethyst, in addition to being a beautiful crystal par excellence, offers to relaxation and total concentration. This crystal totally contains properties different from those from black color, since instead of to bring about insomniaeliminates the dream problems, in addition it alleviates the headaches and it attracts the good luck.

Yellow crystals and caramels

The citrine, being a crystal of yellow color, comprises of the extensive stone list used in the application of reiki, and is that this crystal, is able to eliminate in its totality stomach problems, alleviates the anguishes, reduces stress, relaxes the mind and helps us to decide of the best way.

The color crystals caramel as the calcite, like the citrine, help to diminish the anguishes, transmits positive energies and allows to control those that are present.

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