Reiki To stop Smoking

Reiki To stop Smoking, As this Therapy can help us? It is a frequent question between the people who have listened that reiki is an alternative therapy with multiple benefits and utilities. For that reason, in this article we spoke of the advantages of reiki to leave the tobacco.

Reiki is a Japanese method that not only is used to relax the body, to balance chakras and to improve the atmosphere of the homes, this method also is used to help the people to eliminate vices as stopping smoking.

Reiki is very useful at the time of, to lose weight, to surpass drugs and in very special case, it is an excellent method to leave the vice of the cigarette.

Although it is a very effective method all the patients do not react in the same way, some with more slowness than others but in the end the same result is obtained. To surpass an addiction is not far from easy, the main thing is to want to move away of her, so that therefore the used treatments they give favorable results, many of the addictions by which it undergoes a person, are caused by emotional problems that do to them impossible to control itself.

Reiki and the addictions

It is important that, to distribute reiki it must know at least the basic knowledge this treatment, and will thus be able to help the people to fight all type of addiction, and is that this method helps to relax the body, eliminating the tensions and equipping it with good energies.

The treatment to eliminate some addiction can take between six (06) to eight (08) months following the patient, any used natural method under the norms of reiki will be satisfactory, perhaps and although the results, if they are by a long time, of way like the patient are not permanent is leaving the addiction little by little.

Sometimes the addictions are more physical than emotional and even so, reiki offers the best solutions to alleviate the spirit, and is that with this method it is managed to balance the emotions, to improve the life form, to eliminate the negative energies, etc.

Referring to mental subjects, reiki has the capacity to equip to the body of positive energy and to allow to alleviate the mind him, to clear the problems that afflict to him and to allow him to increase its confidence.

Eliminating an addiction with reiki

Reiki is one of the methods more used to eliminate the addictions, and among them the addiction by the cigarette, these vices lie down to disturb the mind of the person, does not allow him to think with clarity and to make bad decisions, reason why it is important that as first stage in the elimination of this addiction, to concentrate in parts of the body as, the nape of the neck, since there it is where these evils is accumulated most of.

In order to continue with the treatment it is necessary to happen to the vocal part, reiki counts on tools that can help the patient to eliminate their compulsive attitude. Next to continue with the emotional healing, it is important to happen to the zone of the throat. Well it is known that to smoke it generates respiratory infections, and reiki in this case allows to release to the accumulated negative energies in the chest offering him to the patient a great lightening.

An addiction is synonymous of frustration, and by means of reiki it is managed to fall and in many cases until eliminating this evil completely. Reiki allows the alignment of chakrasa such way that grants the energy and capacity queuna person needs to nourish itself of positive energy.

How to stop smoking with reiki?

Reiki, is a treatment with so favorable results, that to enumerate its benefits serious an almost interminable task, and is that, at the time of stopping smoking, and helping the patient to free itself of that addiction is one of first in the list. The Japanese treatment, uses the energy of a body and it transmits to other with the purpose of to heal it any aspect in the life of the patient. To dominate the emotions to stop smoking is extremely important, since therefore a balance is obtained total metal.

Reiki allows him to live in harmony and with this it would manage to relax his mind and not to think about the addiction that as much damage does to him. In fact one of the symbols of reiki but used to alleviate this type of addiction is Cho-ku-King. It is possible that same you are applied the treatment of reiki without no problem, but does not know the use of the symbols used in this method, is recommendable that visits expertoen spiritual energies.

In order to apply this method, it is not necessary to have the masters in reiki, in fact when approving level 1, will be able to transmit its energies to alleviate to the people, nevertheless must be conscious that when trying releasing the negative energies of people and transmitting some to him new, positive, it can leave it very exhausted. This tratamientoes very recommended by experts, since him help to have the control of its life, to diminish its impulsiveness, and of that maneradecir to him not to that vice.

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