That it is the Reiki, So that Serves, and As It works

The Reiki is an alternative therapy that stops many people who see it for the first time or attend a therapy session relate it to the Far East with the magician, ancestral mystic and because she does not touch the body of the patient.

Unlike other therapies as they can be the massages, the grass or medical plants or acupuncture, in reiki there is no contact and everything goes of energies.

If it interests this millenarian therapy to you and you want to know it in depth, you do not lose this article.

What is the Reiki 

Reiki is a method of natural healing, which through one loads energetics transferred by means of the hands, it improves and help to heal to many sufferings and irregularities in the operation of the body.

The Reiki word is disturbed to find its true meaning, King: Universe and Ki: vital energy. This it is an alternative medicine system that has its homes documented by the year of 1922, created by the Dr. Mikao Usui, this Buddhist Japanese been born in Kyoto the 15 from August from the 65.

Originating of the Kiko culture that are a ramification of the Tai Chi, who has base in the power movement or Ki, Usui study medicine, religion and psychology. I travel by the world but 1914 one became Buddhist monk. It counts the history that during the meditation of 21 days I arrive a powerful light at which I call Reiki.

One moves to Tokyo where opening the €œSociety of Usui for Healing through Reiki€

This method became tendency since it is in charge to transfer energy with a single basic reason, that it is to offer emotional well-being, spiritual and physical for the alive beings. All this only by means of the imposition of hands which canalize the energy and distributes them by means of the nervous centers or chakras, to balance all the being.

Reiki belongs or it encapsulates within the calls complementary therapies or alternative, also by not being recognized by the world-wide being of the health, part of the pseudoscience is denominated to him or formed.

This means of imposition of hands are necessary to be able to balance and to harmonize, the surroundings and the state of health of all, as much in internal it as in the outer part.

Benefits of the Reiki

As all means of treatment noninvasive east treatment or preventive system of treatment and, brings a countless number of benefits for health, of course these results are really positive of, to be applied by people really enabled and trained in this art.

In order to enumerate some of the benefits of the contribution of Reiki for the health, the following can be denominated:

  • It is a system that absolutely acts and tries in all scope in the physicist, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  • The Reiki accelerates the internalised treatment or car treatment, since it extracts of the participant the energy able to alleviate any evil that suffers.
  • It harmonizes and it balances the vibrations of the mind and the body.
  • It takes to the being to a state of real and deep relaxation.
  • It balances chakras or power centers.
  • It stimulates to the spiritual and personal growth.
  • Help as far as the contribution of joy sensations.
  • Power the self-esteem and offers more confidence.
  • It fights stress.
  • He causes that the participant obtains an encounter with itself.
  • It is the best preparation than an operation or surgery can be had previous to, to the equal helps after this its healing.
  • He diminishes the microphones considerably, he eliminates the menstrual pains and the depression.
  • Help with upheavals as the bulimia nervosa and the anorexy.
  • He is applicable to help to cure animal and plants.

Remote Reiki, How it is?

In fact the remote Reiki, is a method in which the interchange or sent of energy is made territorially from a point to another one or or until it says that from the present it can be sent to the past or future. This technique denominates Enkaku Chiryo.

One is due to count on a second realised degree of Reiki to be able to realise this it sent of remote energy, it must have total domain of the three symbols of Reiki masters, between these 3 it is the symbol of the distance or the light.

How realised is the Reiki at a distance?

The methods are several that can be used to send energy. The therapist is the one that must indicate or to know how to choose which of these techniques of Enkaku Chiryo is left it to be used. Between these techniques 3 are mentioned:

  • The healing is realised by means of a photography or Shashin Chiryo.
  • A personal object as a pillow, plush or wrist, that represent who was sent the Reiki to him.
  • Writing in a paper the complete name of the person, the place and the suffering of the person. It is possible to be done in individual or group way.

Average to send Reiki to the future

Perhaps this technique sounds unreal but it is not more than the form to prepare positive a power field for events immediate to 48 hours next. For example if it is had to realise an operation is sent the Reiki so that it illuminates that event next to be realised.

It goes of the hand with the technique in which one is due to place in paper the data of the person to who one is going away to him to transmit the energy, including the date, the hour and the site of the event.

Average to send Reiki to our ancestors

This is recommended so that the forces of the present ones do not influence in the good unfolding of their predecessors, realising a connection and with this to obtain that the lives of the present thanks to the vibrations of the past and thus giving fluidity are harmonized to the future generations.

In any case the Reiki is recommended at a distance

To count on a full nature of peace love and light, the remote Reiki can be sent to the distance without contraindications. The only function of this method is to harmonize, to order, to purify, therefore nobody is going to be harmed if direcciona this Reiki towards him.

The only thing that is due to take into account is that the hour must be precise to send the Reiki since if they are in the heat of development an operation, by its desintoxicantes properties the patient could lose the effects of the anesthesia, giving some complication to the patient and the medical equipment.

In questions of fractures it can be realised to cure this remote Reiki, but it must take into account that is going to realise an almost immediate healing, by this is due to have predicted that the displacement of the fractures is corrected previously to sent of energy.

The symbols of Reiki

As in any pass of experiences or the professional preparation everything comes accompanied from steps or I put fulfilled, as the teacher is adapting more domain of the energy by imposition of hands this knowledge wrath ascending with the delivery of more tools to help the treatment processes.

they are made here notice the famous and sacred Reiki symbols, that are born in originating ancestral times from Japan, Tibet and India. It is shelp that the Reiki is born in 1922 and do not sound to ancestral date, these symbols are not original of this culture but they come from the period sanskrit.

This symbolism was well-known by the teachers or with an advanced level of Reiki, secret or were not known by whatever he was not in favor of this culture. But due to these methods to hide the symbols they were falsified in repeated opportunities offering itself as merchandise of illicit commercialization.

As this method of treatment works in harmony with the environment and to make level positive energies between alive beings, to occur to know and to expand the recruitment of people in this art they occurred to know and to explain each function of these.

Known we have five main symbols of the Reiki, for the medical instructors or teachers of Reiki of category 2 3 symbols are taught, and for those of category the 3 2 rest. They will appear other symbols that are not denominated false but they are not part of the system   Reiki Usui.

These symbols have diverse ways to activate, with only imagining them, drawing them, observing them, mentioning their name in whisper or to opened shout, the activation method will depend on the intention as it is desired to canalize the Reiki. For the teachers superiors with only thinking about the symbol they would activate them.

The 5 symbols of the Reiki are:


This symbol is of Tibetan origin, it is possible to be drawn on the contrary in sense of the needles of the clock or.

Symbols cho ku king of reiki

When drawing itself three-dimensionally he would obtain a conservation of being able much greater. The meaning of this is: CHO, curved sword or curved line. KU, to enter themselves or to penetrate, to realise a hole and KING, as it were shelp previously Universal, spirit and power.

In phrase it can here be interpreted as €œthe power of the universe is present or€


This symbol is net of the culture and Japanese history, means the unification of God and man. The SEI HEI KI symbol, tunes the power plane as far as the emotional opposite thing of the CHO KU sign KING who is in tune is the physical plane.


Thanks to this emotional unfreezings can be obtained, being able to cure addictions and diseases or sufferings that they have to do directly with emotional or the mental thing. The mind always would dominate to the body therefore this symbol helps to balance the fluidity between both.

Memories or frustrations can generate many diseases, as well as the deceptions, the anguish or the shame also. This symbol is purifying and allows internal-emotional the light entrance to alleviate the evils.


Also he is original of Japan, this symbol is the one that allows the energy transmission thus is remote, to the past or future.

Hon symbols Shah ze sho nen of reiki

It means that it is not possible to be limited a phantom time and space. €œwithout past, neither present, nor future€ It is what translates as phrase.

By word: HON, is center. SHAH, is shining. ZE, to advance to the correct footpath. SHO, means objective, wisdom and honesty. NEN, means thoughts, calm and ideas.

This symbol causes that present stays the thought on the nonexistence of the limits of the universe. As this HON SHAH ZE SHO NEN, he is the one that opens to the world of the time and space, is the fundamental one for effects of Reiki at a distance.


This symbol is native of Tibet. Of signs are one of more important, not to say that is the one of greater importance, since is the one that makes direct connection to the heart, which this denominated as the center of the being, the center of the spiritual body.

Dai symbols ko myo of reiki

By its great power this DaiKoMyo sign, direcciona of precise way towards the ailment, disease or suffering. As in many cases the origin of the disease is not in the physical scope, then this symbol looks for if emotional or karma of the past is inherited by some.

It is vital since not only the problem cures but it avoids by means of the correction of sources, that appear new sufferings.


This symbol represents the light, that incandescent ray that gives life from the conception of the being.

Raku symbols of reiki

It is represented by a ray that not only it illuminates but it generates fire, a direccionada blaze to penetrate and to fill of energy everything what touches.

As in a storm the rays look for the pole to earth thus is this symbol generates a connection between the energy and the body. It is not a symbol healer but of projection of energy and explosion of light.

The Reiki and the Chakras:

In many parts it is read and still more in writings on quantum physics that all matter is energy, that is present but in diverse levels of vibration, if these are not in harmony cause a imbalance that in many cases and in the one human beings more generates diseases.

Certain terminals exist that control the glandular systems, that is to say hormones of the body. These terminals intimately are connected and interact helping to protect and to distribute the Reiki to all the power points called chakras.

What are chakras?

In sanskrit it translates wheel. Chakras is the power centers that the human body owns. These main power centers and some of smaller impact or smaller concentration exist 7 of energetics. These secondary ones are used in acupuncture processes.

Each chakra is aligned or some of the glands of the endocrine system in the body corresponds to him.

These chakras have the function of being receiving, accumulating transforming and distributors of energy. If these chakras are made level, in harmony and opened they cause that the physical body stays in healthy conditions.

On the contrary if these do not work in harmony or some imbalance exists alters the power body causing problems in the physical body.

In the therapy of Reiki also chakras can be dealt helping with the energy of Crystals and stonesto help to even more harness the canalized energy.

Location and function of the Chakras:

  • The Chakra bases or root.

It is located between reproductive the sexual organ and the anus, that is to say in the perineo. In the physical body he is the one that acts responsibilities on the lymphatic system and the endocrine gland, elsistema bony, the extremities inferiors, the prostate, the bladder and the sacrum.

There they lodge and they manage the security sense, of survival, the physical energy, the home, the confidence, the work and the interest in the money, additional to it offers the firmness to live.

  • The tandem or chakra of the abdomen.

This chakra is related to the emotions associated to the food and sex. With the corp³reas needs, pleasures. Inferior to the navel is located in the part, has responsibilities in managing all the referring one to sexual organs, lumbar reproductive system, gonads and plexo.

  • Chakra of the solar plexus.

He is chakra that manage all the perceptions, the control, the power, the pride, the self-esteem, the freedom, the mental activity and the concept of being individual.

One is underneath the chest and it acts on the muscular system, the pancreas, the stomach, the heavy intestine, the liver and other organs located concerning the solar plexus.

  • Chakra of the heart.

Referentially related to the love, he is chakra that causes that activate and give to affection and attachment feelings of or towards the pair, the family or friendly. It is the power center that allows loving.

As its name indicates it this located in center of the chest acts additionally on the gland of the thymus, the circulatory system, the lungs and the chest.

  • Chakra of the throat.

He is chakra that defines the expression of the being, expressions of communications or expressions of art.

It acts and it controls the neck, the throat, the extremities superiors, the thyroid, plexo branchial or cervical. It is located in the base of the throat.

  • Chakra of the Third Eye.

It is related directly to the spirit, unconscious subconscious mind or. Of it is here where the spiritual abilities of expression come, this chakra intimately is related to the people who obtain abilities of spiritual teachers.

The temples, plexo carotid, pituitary gland and in front are those that chakra governs this and this located in the central part of the forehead.

  • Chakra of the crown.

This is in charge to develop capacities to live in group or solitude. It governs the senses of unit, empathy and affinity.

It manages brain and head, all the nervous system and the pineal gland. One is located in the part superior of the head.

The Pineal gland plays a very important role in the connection of the €œSpiritual World€ with the physical world, and this activates when we meditated, we visualized, etc.

Session of Reiki, of which it consists?

A session of Reiki is not more than the application of method of practical way on the person who wishes the curative treatment. It is or the form in which the teacher or doctor of Reiki realised the positioning of hands stops of this form to balance chakras and to locate, to study and to cure any evil that is present.

These sessions vary according to the people who are applied to them, but always exists a modus operandi that generally is standardized as far as sessions talks about.

As a session of Reiki begins

The person to try will not have to only undress of her clothes of the footwear that uses, everything is realised regularly in a stretcher. She does not have to be in touch with any electrical or electronic device, must either count on metallic accessories as jewels, keys, clasp, all this in order to interfere with the energy of the treatment.

It is very common that considerable changes of corporal temperature appear, by this must cover the person with a fresh blanket, is not with obligatory nature but he is recommendable.

She comes herself to the power control

This she is realised in order to measure the intensity of necessary the power interchange. One puts in evidence the possible obstructions or deficiency as far as the radiant fluxes of the patient. The capacity of reaction and absorption is verified energetics.

Alternative therapies are integrated

Cristaloterapia: when locating the power fields are used crystals that serve as emitters and transmitters of energy. Usually they are of quartz, these has the property to harmonize chakras.

Aromatherapy: The application of oils is common in the power points, these essential oils are of association to the treatment from their homes since they count on a very beneficial therapeutic power that harmonizes body and mind.

Reiki treatment

By means of the imposition of hands it is acted on all the indispensable power points. This treatment goes directed to the integral being, to the person in all their essence. It goes nested everything in a single plane uniting the factors: physicist, emotional spiritual and mental of holistic way.

The hands will be located in different areas from the body: head, trunk and extremities, towards this to balance, to locate, and to activate the vital or universal energy. While more extensive it is the time of the treatment, more benefits will bring the patient. The hands not necessarily must be in touch with the body can also be t¡ntrico.

As a session of Reiki finishes

Harmonizing all the chakras is the suitable way to finalize the session. When obtaining this must establish a communication between the dawn and the power field. The culmination of the treatment is due to announce to the patient and must wait for in the stretcher a prudential time so that it completely returns to be in brings back to consciousness of the physical reality.

There are different Levels from Reiki, and from you can there see of that each of them consists.

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Types of Reiki

Reiki Usui:

This is simple a basic technique and but of very effective effect. It only must be applied by described teachers, of this form are able to treat as much to the others as to themselves.

This technique arrives at America by means of the teacher Takata, who received classes of a disciple of the Dr. Usui, she I adopt the basic parameters but I adapt some changes for the needs that appeared to him in the West. This system Reiki Usui was introduced in Hawaii

We have already entered much on the fact to explain the Reiki, this therapy that brings so many benefits to the being of integral way by means of the power interchanges and the synchrony of chakras.

Some Differences between the Reiki Usui and other classes of Reiki

He is originating direct of the lineage of the Teacher Usui, whatever with more than 30 techniques of healing that are applicable as much for Teachers as for patients.

In other types of Reiki many variations of the original one exist, where the lessons happen of way altered following the changes that the teacher wishes to implement, giving their personal style him or improves.

Reiki Karuna:

This system works from a very altruistic characteristic where if it is desired to cure the own wounds must begin in healing those of the others. As in this culture, all belong to a same universe and therefore to a single being, if you do not develop Karuna in first person, you will not be able to cure more to anybody.

In Karuna sanskrit it means €œcompassion€. For that reason when curing the diseases of the patients by means of the Reiki receive benefits where it also counts on personal healing.

This system is structured in 2 levels, has 21 symbols altogether, the first 6 symbols receive them the medical instructors concerning apprentices, and the 15 rest will be obtained by means of masters and deep studies of the Karuna art.

Some Differences between the Reiki Karuna and other classes of Reiki

It is considered by many as of major being able, this energy of the Reiki Karuna differs in great way to the one from another Reiki since the sensations are of greater definition and specific individually by each chakra but does not work them all simultaneously.

It is necessary to remember that the traditional Reiki account just by 5 symbols whereas this Reiki Karuna counts with a much greater amount of symbols, 21.

Tibetan Reiki:

This system is implemented by William Lee Rand, motivated to the obtaining of another power symbol as the Antahkarana and to the use of an additional microcosmic orbit.

A symbol that generates harmony and offers means to obtain a total meditation is the Antahkarana. It is used mainly in the Chinese and Tibetan cultures from remote times. This symbol counts on imposing a power content and is used for multiple actions.

He is one of the few symbols that the multidimensional characteristic has, of course, when working from a three-dimensional Angle increases his power power to him, as one specializes in the use of this symbol can get to work in a plane of majors angles.

Some Differences between the Tibetan Reiki and other classes of Reiki

It counts by far more power than any Reiki, has a greater number of symbols with innumerable functions that count on a greater power energetics and curative, and the Teacher obtains a greater development becoming a strong and improved channel.

This Tibetan Reiki owns 4 levels where the Teacher must be obtaining one by one by means of activation ceremonies where the radiant flux will be moderate to him to choose to follow in real property rental.

Reiki Kundalini:

I finish Kundalini translates: €œthe curl in the hair of the loved one€, and is a s¡nscrita word. It is an energy that is within all being but always this sleepy one. When activating this inner force, causes that chakras has been aligned in ascending direction. From chakra it bases, to the crown, giving passage to a complete interaction.

When applying this system Reiki Kundalini, the healer takes position behind the patient, supporting smoothly the hands on shoulders. Initiating with a joint meditation to integrate both energies the one of the healed curator as much as the one of the next one.

The change of temperature is most emblematic of this technique can be a discharge of complete temperature or simply where elsanador it puts his hands, this heating is common since an interaction of chakras of ascending way is realised that is centering everything to expel toxins by the crown.

In what difference Reiki Kundalini and Reiki Usui

The Reiki Kundalini works by means of the mental body and needs mental thought to initiate or to activate the treatment. Each medical instructor must integrate in body and mind without stopping thinking €œReiki€ with the purpose that does not lose the fluidity. Obtaining from this form more incidence in the treatment.

On the other hand the Reiki Usui, works direccionando the energy by imposition of hands but without needing an incidence of integration between the mind of the medical instructor and the intention to heal.

The healer is only means by where the energy of the universe travels to cure but it does not take a starring paper in this flow from energy.

Angelical Reiki:

It is a system of multidimensional treatment, is of an elevated frequency, not only it cures but it expands the state of brings back to consciousness to his maximum expression. Account with a power of extraordinary power interchange, in addition is of simple education and equal application.

The angelical Reiki, interlaces to the curator with the receiver, by means of the originating divine energy of the Angelical Kingdom of the Light. This system works concerning the soul, can cure or alleviate any evil, by very ingrained or deep that is.

The Angelical Kingdom of the Light is constituted by Galactic and Masterful Angels, Archangels, Promoted Curators. These intercede and they are connected with the curator having helped to release and to treat to the patient being cured all mental, physical, k¡rmico, ancestral or emotional imbalance that could be dragging from its ancestors.

How the Angelical Reiki is different from the Usui and other forms of Reiki

It lies down to use the symbols that characterize to other Reiki systems, but its potential is in the Angelica vibration.

It is the only Reiki system that interlaces the energies of the medical instructor with those of the patient so that both get to obtain the divine treatment from the Angelical Kingdom of the Light.

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