Ayurveda. What is and how it benefits to you

Created in India for more than 4000 years, ayurveda has been the older holistic system of the world and has been practiced since then, as an alternative for the prevention of the diseases.

Well-known as science of life, this therapy has been implemented during centuries to alleviate and to prevent the ailments with the patient, by means of different techniques between which, the main one, it is the meditation.

Until today ayurveda he is one of powerful the studied systems that unite health-mind more and of the world. Although many can think that it only consists of breathing and calming, ayurveda goes much more there and can be implemented in multiple concepts of our life.

Today we will explain everything what you need to know to you on ayurveda, which are their types and coverall, its fundamental pillars for the healing of the body and the spirit.

What is and why it serves

The word ayurveda comes from Ayus that means €œlife€ and Prohibition that means €œknowledge€ therefore that is the system of ayurveda; knowledge of life.

As we commented to you previously, ayurveda can be taken as an alternative medicine because it focuses in the healing of the body, but we were based more on its practical one is a holistic system that it is used to treat diseases.

The aim of ayurveda is to grant wisdom to the patient of how its body is designed, so that thus, this it maintains a positive, vibrant energy and develops his potential completely.

The philosophy of this science is based on which we needed to expand our brings back to consciousness for being able to release to the body of the disease. As we already mentioned to you previously, the body always goes united to the mind, reason why this it balances of natural form with the help of the meditation, the relaxation and the calm.

When your it brings back to consciousness one becomes position of your body and it enters a calm state, it changes his attitude completely and it reduces the production of the hormone of €œstress€ and even increases the dopamine, serotonin and the endorfinas, ideals to improve the well-being of the patient.

Although the meditation is one of the main methods that ayurveda as therapy uses, exist multiple practices which they are used with the same aim, the one to expand brings back to consciousness.

Ayurveda alternative medicines

History and its three pillars

Ayurveda is used as a method of prevention of diseases, that is to say that helps to maintain the health of the patient. One thinks that the health completely is related to the feeding, the physical activity, the routine and even the use. This reflected one that stops to be able to have a total life in all the aspects, is necessary to arrive at a mental and emotional balance.

This science in the same way focuses in the prevention but in the cure of different diseases or imbalances. In this case, it is important to observe the disease not only as the absence of health, but the absence of well-being. Starting off of this point, disease to any anomaly in dhatus can be considered (woven) doshas (humor) or bad (residues or remainders). Also all that one disturbance that appears at mental level, spiritual or emotional.

We remember that it brings back to consciousness and the mind goes of the hand with the body and if one forgets the other, a very well-known imbalance is created. The disease appears when there is a lack of brings back to consciousness and the mind forgets the spirit, causing that we feel net as something physical. The mental imbalance goes united of physicist and if this alteration appears, it begins to undergo all our system, especially the digestive system.

Taking into account this concept than it is the disease and its origin, ayurveda counts on 3 main pillars and these are:

  • Suitable control of the feeding and the digestion.
  • Suitable control of the dream.
  • Suitable control of sex and its restriction (Brahmacharya).

The digestion is one of the main foundations for the well-being. A suitable operation will help the body to stay with health, since it will allow the correct absorption of nutrients and the vital energy of the same. This it is known him as Ojas, energy that it protects to the mind and the body of diseases.

To sleep is fundamental so that the person has health. During this stage the body recovers; it uses his energy to repair the damages and to autocurar itself, therefore, the absence or prolonged extension of the dream can cause health problems. To sleep little affects to dosha DRESSING GOWN, causing that is debilitated weaves and having done them more prone to injuries. On the contrary, sleeping too much alters dosha KAPHA, which cause drowsiness and immobility.

The sexual restriction as much allows the recovery of the health as of the mind and also it favors the encounter of spiritual illumination. Beyond some threat or divine judgment, sex is thought as much that as the masturbation in excess can exhaust the person and debilitate their energy, reason why its recovery will be taken. The Sukra that is the sexual energy, is necessary for the construction of Ojas, reason why if sukra is run out, ojas the same and the body it would be unprotected and destabilized.


Since we have commented to you throughout all the article, ayurveda counts on different methods to take to end its lessons of treatment. Although the slopes are several, exist two that have become part from the modern and western culture, not only by their incredible effects on the mind and the body, but also by easy and the delicious thing that it can get to be to put them in practice.

As much the diet as the massage is technical alternatives that allow to take ayurveda beyond the meditation and which in the same way, they will be a complement so that your body is well-being plenty.

Ayurv©dica diet

A diet based on ayurveda is net customized and it is classified according to dosha that is predominant in the person. These doshas are based on five elements: water, fire, earth, ether and air. Starting off of here, there are different classifications:

  • Pitta: the element of the fire is predominant in them. They are people who get angry very easy and lie down to being leather very clear and pecosa.
  • Dressing gown: people with an incredible imagination. They are of thin constitution and energy very cambiante.
  • Kapha: they lie down to the obesity due to its strong constitution. They lie down to being very relaxed and calm.

Having this division already, a nutritional plan is created where a series of foods to each person is indicated to him and we want to inform you that we also have unlimited hosting plans. This means that depending dosha certain foods and their form on baking will be individual for each type of person.

In the case of kapha the diet must be very rich in light vegetables, foods and droughts. When we spoke of pitta recommends an feeding to them of few spices and cold nature; the consumption of apple, pear is indicated and asparagus among others. The dressing gown people require of well cooked very nutritious foods and; these can consume milky and animal proteins, as well as bananas and oranges.

ayurveda and ayurvedico massage alternative medicines

Ayurv©dico massage

This practical one is original of India and its objective is to maintain a balance between the three elements: water (kapha), air (dressing gown) and fire (pitta). One is clear the water as the liquid elements that are within the body. The fire as enzymes and the digestive system. The air as hormones and the nerves.

The medical instructors of this technique have as philosophy whom if these three stay in harmony elements an improvement in the health and a beneficial contribution will be to maintain its well-being. Many of which already they practice it, affirm that so that is really effective, a massage must last between 45 minutes to 1 hour and can offer benefits as:

  • Incredible to improve the hydration of the skin
  • Help to the improvement of the lymphatic sanguineous circulation.
  • It relaxes the muscular mind and weaves.
  • It improves the position and the backaches.
  • It reinforces the immune system.
  • It increases so much the concentration with the sexual vitality.


Until some has today not occurred to registry of which ayurveda has some type of contraindication. Because it does not include any type of medicine or something other people's to the body, the adverse reactions are avoided.

More than contraindications, we can speak of precautions to take and must be in cases as:

  • You suffer anemia or undernourishment.
  • You are al©rgica/o to certain foods of your list.
  • These pregnant woman or in a chemotherapy process.
  • You are diabetic.

With this we do not mean that you cannot take to end a ayurv©dica diet, only that must be under supervision medical and approved by your doctor of head.

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Frequent questions

What is the medicine ayºrveda?

The word ayurveda comes from Ayus that means €œlife€ and Prohibition that means €œknowledge€ therefore that is the system of ayurveda; knowledge of life€¦ To read more in https://mexicanpharmacy-onlinerx.com/

What is the ayurv©dica diet?

A diet based on ayurveda is net customized and it is classified according to dosha that is predominant in the person€¦ To read more in https://mexicanpharmacy-onlinerx.com/

What is the ayurv©dico massage?

This practical one is original of India and its objective is to maintain a balance between the three elements: water (kapha), air (dressing gown) and fire (pitta)€¦ To read more in https://mexicanpharmacy-onlinerx.com/

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