Acupuncture to become thin

Acupuncture To lower of Weight As it can help us? She is one of the questions that with more frequency we received on the uses of this millenarian Eastern therapy and to that we want to answer with this article.

To eat healthy and to try to lose weight often is difficult. In fact, one says that 95% of the diets fail. In addition, it aggravates the subject that in the West we have great amounts of cheap foods and highly process that are easily accessible and they are possible to be found at any time in any place and. Who has not felt the temptation to itch between hours if you have snacks in your house?

Acupuncture to lower weight

Acupuncture can be a treatment allied at the time of wanting to lose weight and to become thin. He is ideal to accompany acupuncture with a well-balanced diet and exercise.

This therapy acts regulating the natural power levels of the body.

The studies have demonstrated that acupuncture for the loss of weight can be effective when it is combined with the traditional methods to reduce the weight. Acupuncture has demonstrated that it has positive effects to reduce to the appetite and the ills, improves the intestinal motilidad and the metabolism, as well as emotional factors as stress.

The needles in this case are placed in the points that are related to the digestive system and main glands, as they can be: mouth, stomach, spleen, kidneys, etc€¦

Acupuncture will be able to help us to regulate our metabolism and the elaboration of hormanas, being cleared to us the appetite, falling the inflammation and helping to lessen the retention of liquids.

A study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience revealed that the application of acupuncture to obese people increases excitability of the center of satiety in the ventromediales nuclei of the hypothalamus.

Acupuncture stimulates the auricular branch of the vagus nerve and elevates the serotonin levels. The appetite has been demonstrated that both activities increase the tone in the smooth muscle of the stomach, suppressing therefore. Among others things, the serotonin improves the intestinal motilidad. Also it controls stress and the depression through the production of endorfina and dopamine. In addition to these effects, one thinks that the increase of the plasmatic endorfina beta levels after the application of acupuncture can contribute to the loss of corporal weight in obese people when mobilizing the deposits of energy of the body through lipol­tico effect.

€œAcupuncture is a regulatory therapy €“ the type of therapy that helps to balance all the systems of the body so that when all our systems of organs work correctly, then we have more opportunities of regulating other things as our weight€, it shelp Pam Milask, L.Ac., L.OM., Dipl.Ac., attached professor of Eastern Nutritional Therapy in the Won Institute of Graduates Studies to you.

In the Chinese medicine, the ills of substances as sweet the refined sugar or the excessive ingestion and foods process, for example, can be pointing at some type of imbalance in the stomach and the spleen.

€œOne has demonstrated that the white sugar refining is 300 times more addictive than the cocaine. The excessive or unsuitable consumption of candies can accentuate the function of the spleen, which negatively affects our digestion and our weight€, Milask shelp. €œWhereas a caramel can be well for some, once consumed, its addictive quality can trigger an imperative and inflict casualties of control for other many people. If somebody is consuming much sugar, then its organism will be unbalanced. In the theory of the Chinese medicine, the food and the diet are a key point to improve our health and we must try to diminish or to eliminate the harmful substances and to support to our body being used acupuncture€, it added.

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Auricular acupuncture to become thin

One of the effective methods but for this treatment is Auricular Acupuncture. In this case, the needles are placed in different points from the ear, with the idea that help to control the hunger sensation, in addition to, of some form, to accelerate the metabolism to lower of weight.

Some scientific studies demonstrate that placing five needles in the ear of the patient, this loses more weight than placing a single, which would indicate to an effect beyond the placebo.

Nevertheless, some experts indicate that acupuncture is more useful treating the part about the mentality so that acupuncture helps the patients to make good decisions, among them to take care of themselves and to lower of weight. That is to say, that to think that it is helping him turns out to be more effective in some cases that the help in himself.

In order to have a remarkable effect on the loss of weight, acupuncture must go accompanied of changes in the diet.

The best advice as far as this type of treatment is, if he wants to lose weight, jointly also he invests to your time and your effort in a change of nutritional habits, you do exercise, as much aerobic as exercises of force and mobility and finds the motivation to maintain the adhesion in the long term. The health always is a motivation hard than the loss of weight or to see in the photos and an obese person you does not enjoy good health well.

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