Alternative, Natural and Complementary medicines. Types and Benefits

The alternative medicine has a vision but Holistic, natural and less invasive with respect to the conventional treatments of the Traditional Allopathic Medicine, that is to say that does not focus in treating the disease in itself, but it looks for to try to the totality of the Being, of the person, including his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

This type of alternative therapies is an excellent option, is easy to implement and in addition generally, they offer magnificent results for the improvement of the health. Also call is recommended to also complement them with the allopathic traditional medicine (western medicine) and that both professionals of the health can work in €œequipment€ to reach better results.

The modern medicine is something that day after day we see in its multiple facets. Is very common to go to control annual or when we are ill so that the doctor prescribes some medicine to us and to be better, nevertheless is not the only way to treat the ailments and malaises.

In the last years, every time people are plus that has been interested in the alternative medicine, that as its good name indicates it, offers an alternative to the traditional medicine and to medecines that many affirm, leave sequels in the long term.

Many are the people who are against these practices, but are also other so many that affirm their effectiveness and they verify it with his longevity through time.

The alternative medicine includes an ample set of practices, therapies and techniques that throughout this Web you will be discovering in detail to enter a little more in which they are the alternative medicines and what benefits can offer applying you them to improve your health naturally.

You can find different options from these natural therapies, following the country or even region in which you are, although in the majority of the places these techniques are quite similar.

The difference between the Alternative and Complementary Medicine concepts, is that this last one does not replace the traditional medicine, but accompanies it and it is complemented with this.

The majority of alternative medicines is not approved in the medical community as medical conventional methods.  Although this to advanced very quickly, and in many hospitals of the world already is being begun to use for example Acupuncture, and the Reiki to complement the regular treatment (among others therapies).

With the help of our Hosting Company we collect article about these Alternative Therapies go from the Traditional Medicine China to Naturist Medicine, and include an ample variety of therapies that you can see in detail next clicking in which it interests to you.

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What are the alternative medicines and so that they are used

The alternative medicine comes from the Eastern culture, where they take centuries using it as tool for the cure of diseases. In the antiquity it was not very common to see it in Western hospitals, despite over the years it has been entered more and more and nowadays it has a great weight in the medicine.

An exact term does not exist to define what they are the alternative medicines, but can be included as the application of therapies noncontemplated within the conventional medicine. In the alternative medicine different methods are used, based on plants, products of natural origin and the work of the mind.

Acupuncture, the taking of plants with medicinal aims or any other type of therapy different from commonly prescribed, alternative is considered. Many little believing people, add to their description who technical are not guaranteed scientifically, reason why their effects healers can or not be certain.

In the western culture it has been added as a complement or support to the traditional medicine, giving the complementary medicine name him. Although they own two different names, the reality is that they differentiate more by the application than by his effect.

Properly the alternative medicine, is used to treat muscular pains, traumatisms and the handling of the energies and the mind for the car treatment of the body. Also, use becomes of them for the medecine substitution by organic products of and thus avoiding the consumption of chemicals.

Mexicanpharmacy-Onlinerx online plants

Mexicanpharmacy-Onlinerx versus. Conventional medicine

Alternative medicine CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) by its abbreviations in English, owns multiple differences with the medicine to which we are customary. Main and the most well-known one by the people, is based on its not at all common treatments and medecines for the western ones. Although many think that this is absolutely everything, because it is not thus, since the CAM has many other differences at philosophical level as much as practitioner.

The most well-known change we can observe it in his belief towards which a professional of the health must do. In the conventional medicine we are customary to that the doctor only evaluates the pain or the physical problem without going further on. The medical instructors of the alternative medicine, affirm that a professional must know how to treat not only the body, but also the spirit and the mind. This philosophy starts off which many ailments and diseases can be dealed with the power of the mind.

Another difference, already commented briefly at the home, is the application of prescriptions and little conventional techniques. The CAM much less handles invasive treatments that the common medicine; often they avoid the surgery and by all means, the chemical drug consumption. In their majority, medecines originate of plants and meals, whereas the physical therapies for the lightening of the pain can go from massages to meditation.

Alternative medicine types

Like the conventional medicine, the alternative medicine has many fields and different subdivisions to treat the evils. Complementary and the National Alternative Medicine Center of the United States by its abbreviations NCCAM in English, includes all the practices of the alternative medicine in four great areas:

  1. You practice with biological base: one is based mainly on complementing a diet. This can be realised with vitaminic supplements, medical plants or superfoods.
  2. Manipulativas therapies: they are in charge to recover the balance of the body, €œmanipulating it€ to alleviate to pains and side effects.
  3. Mind and body: although we will divide it here in two different points, the NCCAM includes them as a whole. It is based on creating a perfect balance between the mind, the leather and the spirit thus to prioritize the tranquillity and to diminish the ailments.
  4. Energy: its main idea is to recover and to re-balance the natural energies of the body. Its philosophy is based on that is an energy flow of life, which is in charge to maintain all our systems in optimal operation.

All this we will see it in detail next€¦

Traditional alternative medicine

The traditional medicine was originated in China more ago than 2 millenia and from that then, it affirms that the problems, ailments and diseases that our body presents, they are due to the incorrect flow of €œqi€ or vital force. In the West the re-balancing of forces practices; such as ying and yang or in the case of our body, as external and internal for the improvement of diseases.

The key of the traditional medicine China is based on the mixture of medical plants and grass, which has gotten to demonstrate, to be good for the liver and arthritis.

Although well one of the majors is known that the alternative medicine does not understand the drug use, problems of this time is that it has generated a deficient quality control actually of these techniques. The previous thing mentioned, is due to the great expansion and standardization to world-wide level of the traditional medicine, thus allowing, the illegal mixture of active substances or heavy metals in preparations.


Mexicanpharmacy-Onlinerx body yoga


The body always goes related to the mind and this alternative medicine type knows himself him as manipulativas therapies. This name occurs him since its function is €œto manipulate€ to the body so that no longer it feels more pain. This manipulation obtains by means of techniques of breathing as yoga or martial arts as Tai Chi.

It is based on which the body is energy and the energy modifies. In the majority of the cases, the flow of energy with the mind is united, since it is admitted as a single set; despite the body it can work with the help of a few techniques.

Diet and grass

Very common in the Chinese traditional medicine and the well-known as complementary medicine. The diets and grass are a complement to the conventional medicine, where help with a diet and medical plants to be avoided the consumption of drugs and chemicals.

The medicinal grass is very famous within the culture of the alternative medicine, since infinite varieties for infinite pathologies exist. The good thing of this technique is that it allows the cure of certain pathologies, but avoiding side effects or adverse reactions to tablets.

On the other hand, also it allows the consumption of superfoods and vitaminic supplements to as much improve the health of the patient by outside as on the inside.

External energy

The goal of the medicine energetics is to modify or to manipulate the energy fields that are in our body and to its environs. The medical instructors of this theory, create in the existence of €œqi€ or vital force, which if it is out of proportion, can cause malaises, diseases and ailments.


The complement of the body and the tool for its priest according to the followers of the alternative medicine is the mental medicine. The handling of the mind is of the first techniques of the traditional medicine, since it is created firmly that this must be able on the body.

Many studies that confirm the effectiveness and the effect exist that can get to generate the mind over the body; it is by that many therapies as the meditation and hypnotism commonly are seen within the conventional medicine.

Patients with hypertension, asthma and even cancer, affirm as much that the handling of the mind improves the symptoms considerably, alleviating them by outside as on the inside.

Alternative medicine benefits

Benefits of the alternative medicine

As certain practices of the alternative medicine have not been verified scientifically, the benefits can be a little uncertain, nevertheless, listening and reading studies, works (to see references at the end of the article) and opinions of people and teachers who practice it, we can emphasize a few benefits:

It does not have side effects

Thanks to its practice with natural plants, infusions and ointments, the alternative medicine lets the almost null possibility undergo some side effect. As it can happen to any other thing, if an overdose exists, can consequently occur to formal appearance a few malaises, nevertheless they are very slight and they disappear very quickly, unlike the chemicals.

Help to fight with chronic diseases

As it can be the asthma or the hypertension, to use the alternative medicine in these cases is an excellent option to make rest to the body of so many drugs. For being a chronic pathology, can get to be really exhausting its treatment, reason why to decide on alternative techniques is ideal.

We are not indicating that there is to replace traditional medecines by these practices, simply we advised it as a support to the conventional medicine.

It improves the tension states

Not only when we talked about to arterial tension, the alternative medicine is very good to improve the attacks of stress, anxiety and even the depression. Many patients affirm that after putting in practice therapies of breathing, meditation and even yoga, has reduced considerably the anxiety and in hypertensive patients, the arterial pressure.

Accessories for other treatments

It has been verified that the alternative medicine can offer to a great help as accessories to other treatments and including the improvement of its effects. In patients with chemotherapy, the alternative medicine use is recommended to resist the effects of the sessions, by all means consulting before with its attending physician.

Limitations of the Alternative Medicine

One of the main limitations derives from the scientific researches. Many studies not yet confirm the effectiveness of alternative medicines reason why in many cases they are not recognized as a therapy in himself.

For people who wish to put in practice the alternative medicine, it is important to know that the life insurance policies do not cover treatments CAM.

Another limitation is in the power with which these therapies make effect. Many consider anti-bacterial antibiotic and, but there are many cases where an infection requires of conventional medicine, reason why are important to consult with your doctor any ailment to avoid complications to future thus.

A very important point is that many of the techniques of the alternative medicine can interfere with the function of other medecines. In the case of the contraceptives or medecines for the diabetes he is recommendable that you consult before with your doctor to avoid any side effect or that on the contrary, annuls its effect.

Like the conventional medicine, the alternative medicine is not the magical cure for all the diseases. It is important that before proving some, you know exactly which is the problem that you suffer and which of all the techniques is the adapted one to resolve it.

Natural medicine

Natural and complementary medicine

The natural medicine this included by a series of plants and homemade remedies, which are beneficial for our body.

Clearly it is necessary to have well-taken care of and much knowledge on these plants, with the purpose of consuming the suitable ones to improve our health, ten in account that exist many plants whose effects look like.

Between the natural plants they are for example manzanilla which is excellent to deal with the infections the eyes when some incident appears, also you can consume it by means of infusion to cure the annoyances of the stomach.

If you are anxious or perhaps you have spent an extremely complicated day, you can take an infusion from the orange blossom flower, this is an excellent tranquilizer thus also helps you to sleep better.

Also, within the natural medicine, also you find the pasiflora this is an excellent flower, which is very relaxing and help to be able to rest.

The anise is a very well-known flower and extremely looked for in the world of the alternative medicine, this it allows the good digestion and the liberation of gases.

A great part of the population suffers of these problems, reason why they resort to tablets that with a prolonged use can cause damages to the health, since they do not know this homemade method.

Complementary medicine

This medicine commonly is used altogether to the natural medicine, it is a series of techniques and massages that are simply wonderful for our body.

Complementary medicine

You can find for example the aromatherapy, which is extremely good to be able to take to the body to a state of relaxation, this help to reduce stress and to improve humor.

It is possible to be realised of two ways, first only by means of the scent, this can be obtained thanks to different oils or aromatic candles.

In second the aromatherapy with the massages is combined, for this lies down to the patient and with the help of oils or aromatic creams a massage is realised to him mainly in the face, neck, arms and hands.

Also in these natural therapies you can find the music therapy, in this studied person who has the necessary knowledge, a list of songs elaborates according to the needs of the patient.

In the same way, this therapy also works realising the interpretation of the song, not only listening to it, this is essential to relax and in addition to release the emotions.

Also, following the state of the patient and selected music this can be even stimulating tranquilizer or.

Traditional and popular medicine

Traditional medicine

This medicine counts on many years of practice within the different indigenous cultures, is used mainly for the maintenance of the health, also, for the prevention of diseases.

This is based on the multiple knowledge that have been transferred of generation in generation between the different cultures, also have presents you practice them, theories and beliefs.

This traditional medicine you can find it in the indigenous cultures of many countries, of course, following the beliefs and the culture you can find different techniques.

Between the most common practices are the infusions of different grass, ointments and preparations that are able to improve with effectiveness possible annoyances.

This medicine also has crossed growth stages at present, since have been new species and combinations strategic have been realised to obtain improvements in the patients.

The bad constant habits in the life can cause serious problems of health, many people therefore go to the traditional medicine by help.

It is fundamental that you are conscious if you present some allergy to a spice or plants specific, so that they do not add it to the preparation and you are not hurt after the accomplishment of this technique.

If you are near some indigenous tribe you do not doubt in visiting it and asking if they realise this medicine class.

Homemade medicine and Homemade Remedies

Homemade and traditional medicine

At home a great amount of infusions and preparations can be realised which are very related to the natural medicine.

Many plants are very easy to cultivate at home, reason why you can seed them in any flower pot and once they begin to grow you can realise any infusion that you need.

A plant that is quite easy to cultivate and which does not require many cares is the basil, this you can directly chew it of the plant once washed or to prepare an infusion with her.

This is ideal to alleviate or to even clear the malaise of the acidity and gases, this malaise is extremely frequent and annoying between the individuals.

S¡bila or aloe side is a plant which does not need much water and is easy to maintain, you can have it without no problem at home and to hope that the same grows, soon you can cut one penca and place it in water by a day.

This is with the purpose of to eliminate any component that is harmful for the health, later you can cut it in small pieces, eliminate the skin of s¡bila and add it to natural juice. It is necessary to clean s¡bila before being placed it.

This aloe side is extremely good for the digestion, in addition it recovers any damage that has been caused in the stomach as the ulcers.

Naturist medecines

If you are a person who loves natural and these looking for the best possible options, you must know naturist medecines, as its name indicates it are made with grass, plants and foods.

These you can acquire them directly in stores specialized in these products, in the same way is very important that you consult everything what you want to consume previously with your doctor of confidence.

In if these products very they are recommended, since they tell on many natural benefits that they are excellent for the health.

Certainly he is essential not to exaggerate with the use of these products, in spite of being natural is necessary to always maintain an appropriate use of each medicine.

A point in favor of these natural medecines, is that accounts with an ample range of the same, that is to say, you can find from syrups for the cough to medecines for stomach annoyances.

Everything is question of which you look for the stores more slipways possible and than they count on good reputation between the buyers, in the same way you can acquire these products from Internet.

Advantages of the natural medicine

If you want to use the natural medicine, he is essential that you consider the multiple advantages that offer, without a doubt, after knowing more on the matter you will want to use it.

Mainly you must know that this medicine class is much less aggressive with the organism and body generally, since to the natural being it is much more easy to assimilate.

Also, it is easier to eliminate later, also the natural medicine is used as preventive method and to maintain the good state of health.

In the same order of ideas, it is used to treat the diseases or possible complications that can present the individuals in relation to their state of health.

The cost of these medecines is much smaller to the one of conventional medecines, reason why it favors very many all the individuals that are interested in this medicine class.

These are some of the fundamental advantages whose knowledge is excellent in relation to natural medicines, if you present some problem of health you do not doubt in proving this excellent alternative.

In addition, it is possible to stand out that these products and medecines are not for anything complicated to acquire, reason why you will not present no problem or you will require of some special prescription to acquire them.

What is the holistic medicine

Holística medicine


For many, the holistic medicine term can be stranger and confused, however, its definition is extremely simple and completes, the techniques of holistic healing are all those focused medicinal techniques to the body and the mind.

Of the same form, the holistic medicine is also a medicinal practice that looks for the treatment of the soul, all this by means of the use of as much traditional therapies as complementary, the purpose is to reach an optimal state of health after the individual.

Although these medicinal tactics are carried out through massages, the guide and the direction of the patient, a natural medicine class is considered extremely effective, without being invasive from no point of view.

The doctors who apply the holistic medicine try of life to balance all the aspects of the patients, of this form, are able to reach an optimal state of health in which he turns out complicated to suffer from some disease.

Generally, the patients who go to the professionals of the holistic medicine suffer some type of condition related to some physical, mental imbalance, related to the emotions, the social scope, its spirit and his atmosphere.

Which are the principles of the holistic medicine?

The greatest goal for the individuals that practice the holistic healing is the optimal balance of the health of its patients, obtaining that their bodies and their minds work of optimal way, in balance and are able to stay peacefully.

The main one half of the holistic medicine to secure this result is the use of the love, the specialists of the holistic medicine consider it the more powerful method of treatment of all.

The holistic medicine considers to the essence of the human being in its totality, of this form, becomes possible to warn several types with diseases, in addition to treating those already existing sufferings in general scope.

The professionals of the holistic medicine look for to obtain that they are the patients who heal by their own account, being they some mere observers, whereas clause that all the individuals own a power inner sanatorium.

The best one practices for being €œobservant€ of one same one and to enter itself in its interior is the Meditation. This practices millenarian used by Buddhist, the Hindus and diverse cultures, help very many to reduce stress us and to begin the car-healing way.

The Meditation helps to regulate the glands and hormones of our body, as for example the pineal gland, that is the one that secretes the melatonin and controls the states of dream and watch.

In spite of being considered as a natural medicine, the holistic medicine never rejects the treatments and the techniques presented in the traditional medicine, quite the opposite, often complement their techniques with those of the conventional medicine.

The holistic doctors value very many the relations with their patients, and consider this aspect as something fundamental, learn of each new experience.

What benefits own dealing itself with holistic medicine?

The holistic medicine is mainly characterized to make use of the affection, the understanding, the respect and the emotional direction to release to the curative capacities car of each individual and that obtain the healing.

It is for that reason that one of the phrases preferred by the specialists of this noble ramification of the natural medicine is the following one: €œThe health this ligature to the harmony with our spirit€, phrase that locks up very many truth.

The harmony with the spirit is able when it is in complete peace and harmony with the surroundings, to obtain this, the holistic doctors try to its patients by means of therapies of scents, sessions of relaxation, meditation, among others.

Although you can seem a little skeptical with respect to this way of healing and therapy, the reality is that they are extremely efficient, incredibly, the brain can cause that an individual becomes ill.

The mentality can cause diseases, therefore the individual is completely healthful, is for this reason that the alternative medicine of the holistic type looks for to teach to the individuals to be peacefully with its mind.

One of the majors benefits to go to a professional of the medicine is to learn these techniques of relaxation.

The medicine bioenergetics, the techniques of healing for the future?


Reiki and bioenergética medicine

The medicine of bioenergetics, or also well-known as the quantum medicine, is an alternative medicine class that works making use of the power field produced by the human body, this medicine class affects to all the aspects of our health.

It is the physical aspect, the scope of the emotions, the sector of the conduct of the individual and psychology, this way, not only it is considered to the human being by the sum of organs that give to form to the body and its chemical reactions, but by the essence of his life.

The professionals of the medicine bioenergetics understand that all upheaval first presents a psychological component that is turned into physiological, of this form, the disturbances generated in the brain move to the body and unbalance their balance.

This way, the quantum medicine looks for to reestablish the balance within the organism and to destroy the affection before it affects to the body in his totality, debilitating it and facilitating the advance of the bacteria.

The therapies bioenergeticses help us to have control on our corporal energy, and thus to focus it in preventing diseases and affections, some of the methods that apply to obtain this, are therapies of Yoga and meditation.

Mant©n the balance of your energies to eradicate the affections of your body.

The originating upheavals of the mind affect the suitable radiant flux within the organism, with the Alternative Medicine bioenergetics is able to eliminate these interferences to reestablish the radiant flux.

One of the most important aspects in relation to the energy balance of the body is the mental defenses that the individuals have created, the mental defenses are in the end important, they maintain sections to us of the negatividad and they mold the form to be.

When something walks bad in the life of the individual, the mental defenses project a detrimental energy to the organism, way of negative emotions such as stress, the resentment, the wrath, the desperation, et cetera.

If they do not take as it must and they are controlled, these emotions can trigger diseases as the microphone, the ulcers and including until the cancer, it is for that reason that to know how to control our energies is so important.

The therapies bioenergeticses are in the end important to reduce the impact of these emotions (or to even eliminate it) of our organism, replacing them with positive energy that maintains to us healthful.

So that, the form to maintain the balanced corporal energy is maintaining under control the mental defenses, sufficiently strong to repel the negative energies but not to allow that they project them.

What physical effects own the therapies bioenergeticses on the individual?

The medicine with bioenergy not only owns psychological effects, also owns physical effects in the organism, some of them are the liberation of muscular tensions and contractions of the same.

Also, you will be able to experience a revitalisation and renovation of the energies of your body, this will cause that the individual feels much more released and can confront complicated situations thinking with greater clarity.

This alternative medicine class owns psychological effects mainly, as the energy liberation and repressed emotions, when having the cleared mind more, can be acceded to memories of the past and visualizing them by far detail.

It brings back to consciousness and the capacity to also know itself, almost as if a self-analysis took to end from outside is another aspect that usually appears during the therapies bioenergeticses of this alternative medicine class.

In order once and for all to eliminate the negative energies and emotions that cause disease in the organism, without a doubt one of the most viable treatments is the therapy energetics, although you can be a little skeptical, animates to you to prove it, you will not regret, and if you interested to build a really nice website for your own we have some experience about vps web hosting that perhaps can help you to know a bit about web.

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